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Strategies to Avoid Coils Burning Out So Soon

Posted by David on

When a vaper is using their device, they want to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. If you end up burning out your coil, then that’s the last thing you are going to get. Not only is your throat going to burn but the taste will be absolutely disgusting. If having to deal with the gross taste wasn't enough, you’ll then have to spend money to replace the coil.

Here are some tips to help you avoid burning out your coil.

Tip #1: Cleaning and E-Liquids
A lot of people don’t think about cleaning their coils. For some reason or another, it just doesn't cross their minds. The issue with this is that, over time, your coil will end up getting gunk in it and that will cause it to burn out. There are two different ways you can clean them:

  • The first is just by removing the coil, blowing any excess liquid out, rinsing the coil with water, then drying it and putting it back in.
  • The second, which you must be very careful with, is by hooking it up to your battery and pressing the fire button. When you do this, it will heat up and start to burn off the gunk. You'll want to do this 5-6 times, but make sure the coils completely cool in between these.

Another thing that you need to watch when trying to keep your coils from burning up is the type of e-liquid. You should attempt to use liquids that have a small amount of vegetable glycerin, if any at all. VG makes the e-juice thicker, hence more prone to gunking up.

Tip #2: Wicking
When you vape, you want to make sure that your e-liquid is good and wicked. Essentially, there is a small piece of material that takes the e-liquid to the coil. If you don't get this material completely wet, then you run the risk of burning out your coil. The type of e-liquids that absorbs the fastest are ones with a higher ratio of propylene glycol (PG). Because it's thinner than VG. This means that it absorbs faster and easier and you don't have to worry as much about getting dry hits.

Tip #3: Type of Device
In the vaping world, there are several different kinds of devices. From e-cigs to vape pens, to vaporizers to pod systems, to APVs and MODs. When it comes to keeping your coil from burning with the higher end units, you want to monitor the temperature control setting. You can set a maximum temp that you want your coil to get up to, because if it goes too high then it will burn out your coil. This happens because at a certain heat, the coil gets way to hot and will not work the way it's supposed to.

When it comes to vaping less technological devices, make sure that your wick is nice and wet and that you aren't using too much e-liquid that will gunk up the coil. Since these are basic models, this is the best thing you can do to prolong the life of your coil. If you make sure of these things, you should be able to go longer between coil changes and they shouldn't get burnt up as frequently.

Vaper Preferences
Just like snowflakes, every vaper is different. Each vaper has their own preferences and have their own ways of doing things. We are going to talk about some of those preferences and how you can keep your coil from burning out so fast.

  • Cloud Chaser - This is the type of vaper that loves making the biggest clouds. This can be problematic for coils because they usually must hit the device back to back. The reason this happens is because, when you must hit it back to back, the wick can't absorb the e-juice fast enough and you essentially end up getting dry hits. Dry hits equal coil death! To try and combat this, try to space out your hits. You should wait at least a few minutes between each hit.
  • Sub-Ohm Vaping - Sub-ohm vapes are vapes that have a resistance of less than 1 ohm. Most vapers use this to create more vapor and a better flavor. Since you must do a lot of drags in a small amount of time to produce good clouds, this will burn out your coil. To try and combat this, try to space out your hits. You should wait at least a few minutes between each hit.
  • Throat Hits - For throat hits, most vapers will use high ratio PG e-liquids. While these are better for coils than larger VG ratios of liquids, there are still some issues. For instance, since the liquid is thinner, it will soak up and burn quicker. This makes you hit the unit more. Try to space out hits so you aren't having to warm your coil up as much.
  • Relaxing Session - Some vapers use their devices just, so they can relax. While that is fine, one thing you must watch for is being too relaxed and not paying attention. If you aren't paying attention and just keep hitting the unit, then the coil will burn out. Pay attention to what you are doing.

There are numerus things that you can do that can help you extend the life of your coil. Not only will the e-liquid taste better but you won't have to spend as much money on buying new coils! Hopefully these tips will help you keep your coils lasing longer.

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