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MOD Coils: Pre-Build vs. Standard

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Coils

For those looking to enhance their vaping experience and enter into the world of modding, knowing your different coil types and how they’re used will help you enjoy this type of vaping even more. You see, with the way vaping continues to grow in popularity, more products are appearing here at The Vape Mall. When MODs were first introduced, they were unregulated and drip-tips were the primary intended use for them. Now, however, Box MODs have become more advanced, and most provide variable voltage settings (regulation) that allow different types of tanks and coil setups to be used. With the increased popularity and power of these devices, manufacturers are looking for ways to making vaping easier, which includes making wrapping your own coils a thing of the past. 

Knowing which type of coil to use for your device is important. If you use the wrong coil, you can burn your cotton within seconds or simply get no vapor at all (always research your particular MOD to know what works and what doesn't). So how do you choose between pre-build coils and standard coils? The answer will depend on your personal preference and technical aptitude. People with a lack of fine motor coordination may want to stick to the pre-build coils that range in ohm capacity and material, or even completely pre-assembled atomizers.

When you build your own coil,  it requires tightly wrapping wire around a drill-bit or other skinny metal rod, then heating the coil so it oxidizes (burning it red hot, then letting cool and repeating 2-3 times). After it oxidizes, you can pull your cotton through the coil, and secure the coil into your atomizer chamber. Using a standard coil that requires this level of preparation is somewhat laborious, however, once you get it down, it can be done in a matter of minutes. Those who build their own are able to truly customize their vaping as the number of wraps and the tightness of the wrap in their coil will result in different levels of flavor and vapor production. After some trial and error, wrapping your own coil can help you achieve the best flavor/vapor production combination.

For as technologically advanced as many vapers are, never underestimate the draw of convenience and peace of mind. Being able to purchase a pre-build coil that fits your device perfectly and have confidence that the coil will work without incident for a long time really is nice. Certain tanksare now being sold with RBAs, which work perfectly with pre-build coils. You can also find RBAs that will fit various tanks sold separately. The atomizer itself should explain which ohm capacity you should select from your coil. The different coil materials, usually kanthal or nichrome, produce slightly different flavors and amounts of vapor.

The debate between coiling your own and purchasing pre-build coils may not be highly contentious, but those who coil their own do seem to be dedicated to the craft. Depending on the tightness of the coil, the number of wraps, and the gauge and type of wire used, different results can predictably occur. However, with the wide availability of pre-build coils, as well as their low cost and longevity, pre-build coils are gaining wide acceptance in the vaping community as you can customize your experience without having to wrap your own perfect coil.

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