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Mini but Powerful: The Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum MOD

Posted by David on

Kbox Mini Platinum

Kanger's KBOX MODs have been impressing vapers with each new release, and the Mini Platinum TC MOD is no exception. This fully featured MOD is the perfect size for convenient, on-the-go vaping.

The new platinum model is crafted inside a stainless steel case that has a great, solid feel in the hand without adding too much weight. This is a definite improvement over the aluminum casing of their previous models, and the difference is noticeable right out of the box. Another casing improvement is the location of the charging port. Instead of connecting on the bottom of the mod, the charging port is now on the side so the KBOX can be stood up while charging.

The overall look is still familiar to Kanger fans; the OLED screen is vibrant and the characteristic KBOX vent is on the back. The KBOX Mini is small enough to raise concern about its power, but Kanger seems to have found a sweet spot. Its long edge is only 8.2cm and it weighs less than half a kilogram. Despite its small stature, with 60 watts of power available, it fires up quickly for a smooth, full-flavored draw.

Experienced vapers will find the Mini Platinum to be a great choice for diverse builds. It’s compatible with a resistance range of .1 ohm to 1.3 ohm for full power, and it has a temperature range of 200-600°F for a variety of vaping experiences and styles. The MOD is compatible with Nickel or Titanium coils and standard tanks, RTA's and RDAs out of the box, so it’s suitable for veteran builders who prefer customization.

Of course, it also includes expected basic features, such as short circuit and low resistance protection, battery safety cut off. It also includes the higher-end features experienced vapers have come to expect, including digital temperature and wattage adjustment, an OLED screen and a replaceable high amp battery with a magnetic cover. The OLED displays the resistance setting and current battery status as well.

The Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum is a great addition to the KBOX line and a fantastic portable MOD. Modders will enjoy its high degree of customization and all will enjoy the quality craftsmanship and powerful vapor production.

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