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Hazelnut Coffee E-Liquid

Posted by David on

Savory nuts and rich coffee are a match made in heaven. Hazelnuts have that hint of chocolate that makes the mouth water as soon as the flavor lands on the tongue. Hazelnut Coffee e-liquid captures this flavor medley beautifully, blending together rich coffee, savory hazelnuts, rich milk and a dash of sweet sugar. 

On the inhale, Hazelnut Coffee e-juice gives the palate immense pleasure as the hazelnut taste touches the taste buds. The savory notes of the nut comfort the palate. Quickly, a generous splash of fresh coffee soaks the tongue with its delightful flavor. As the vapor rests on the tongue, the sugary sweetness begins to come through. Each exhale douses the palate in fresh, creamy milk.

Hazelnut Coffee vape juice comes in a wide array of bottle sizes, nicotine levels and mixes. Therefore, you can be sure that you're vaping experience will give you the cloud production and nicotine hit that you crave. All e-juices at The Vape Mall are mixed to order. Therefore, each puff will provide you with the freshest taste imaginable. The ingredients used to make this coffee flavored vape are of a high quality. Each flavoring agent is produced in the United States. This guarantees that each hit boasts authentic and delicious flavor.

Hazelnut Coffee e-liquid allows you to enjoy that rich and nutty flavor without taking in all that caffeine. This vape is remarkably flavorful, giving you the full taste experience without the sugar.

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