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Handling and Storing Your MOD with Care

Posted by David on

Learning how to handle and store your mod with care is important in ensuring that your device serves you efficiently and for a long time. It is important that you read your instruction manual for better handling. But that’s not all.

Here are some basic guides and tips to storing and handling your mod box with care.

Basic Guides and Tips

Tip #1: Always clean the threads, rings and springs that connect tubes of your MOD together. This is to enhance conductivity and ensure that the device is always operating at its full potential.

Tip #2: Ensure that you use a multimeter to check your MOD’s batteries. The multimeter enables you to check your batteries, as well as your entire unit’s performance in general, and enhance your safety.

Tip #3: It is important that your MOD is installed with a lock for the firing button. This will enhance your safety in case you fall asleep when vaping. Note: Today’s top end systems do have this built-in, so have no fear.

Tip #4: Make sure that your MOD is well vented by blowing air into each time you remove the battery. Note: Today’s MODs have improved airflow production and wider holes for better ventilation.

Tip #5: Always buy batteries for your MOD from a reputable vendor and make sure that the batteries are compatible with your device. Once you have your batteries picked out and you begin to use them, do not overcharge or undercharge. You need to find that medium, as this will increase the life of your batteries. That pretty much goes for a wide range of batteries out there that are used for different devices. Also, always replace them when they get below 3.5V.


Tip #1: When storing your MOD, keep the unit out of children’s reach. Also, make sure that your unit is never stored in places with extreme temperatures.

Tip #2: Place your MOD down safely. Regardless of how study it is, it’s still a delicate piece of equipment.

Following these two handling and storage guidelines to ensure that you enjoy the value of the device.

A better and longer lasting vaping experience can be yours by following what has been laid out for you today.

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