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Get Your Coffee Vape Fix with The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

There's nothing like that first cup of rich coffee in the morning. Of course, when you're on your fourth or fifth cup, you're likely 

Hazelnut Coffeegoing to end up with those uncomfortable jitters. If the delicious taste of coffee dominates your cravings but you don't want to be wired on caffeine all day long, you can vape these glorious coffee-flavored e-juices from The Vape Mall instead. Each one of these three e-liquids will give you that bold coffee taste that you adore without that unpleasant rush of caffeine and sugar.

The flavor of hazelnut-infused coffee is one that should be savored. The sweet and savory hazelnuts elevate that rich coffee flavor, making your palate feel outrageously satiated. Thanks to The Vape Mall, you can enjoy that smooth and luxurious hazelnut coffee taste whenever you vape. Hazelnut Coffee vape juice is a flawless replica of that intoxicating beverage. With every inhale of Hazelnut Coffee e-juice, the taste of hazelnuts satisfies your cravings right away. Slowly, the full-bodied coffee flavor soaks every taste bud. When you exhale, the perfect drizzle of fresh milk balances out the bitterness of the coffee.

Caramel Coffee

Caramel Coffee vape juice is a luxurious coffee flavor that's infused with rich cream and sweet and savory caramel syrup. Every puff coats the tongue in sweet, creamy and rich flavors that will make you drool uncontrollably. On the inhale, Caramel Coffee vape juice drenches the tongue in the glorious taste of freshly-brewed coffee. Then, that gooey caramel drips onto the palate, making the sweet tooth scream. Every exhale floods the mouth with velvety cream.

Easy Mocha

You simply can't go wrong when you mix espresso with gooey chocolate syrup and frothy milk. Easy Mocha vape juice is an outstandingly rich mocha flavor that will take care of both your chocolate cravings and your coffee-related desires. When you inhale Easy Mocha vape juice, that splash of espresso hits your palate where it counts. Quickly, the chocolate flavor gives your sweet tooth something to sing about. On the exhale, the smooth milk balances out the richness of the other flavor components.

Grab These Coffee-Inspired Flavors Today

The coffee-inspired flavors from The Vape Mall will make you feel like you're spending all day at the neighborhood coffee shop. These flavors will take care of those pesky coffee cravings as soon as you inhale.

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