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DIY Vaping Bottle Choices: Plastic or Glass?

Posted by David on

The "plastic vs glass e-liquid bottle" debate is still very common in the vaping world. Today’s vapers like to be involved on a deeper level. Many steep their vape juices , some make their own juice , while others are setting out to build an e-juice empire. The options are virtually limitless with this new style, because after all, vaping can’t be called a trend or a fad anymore. Vaping is one of those things that caught on and grew to be something huge. With all the involvement and knowledge circulating in the vape world, one big question remains, plastic or glass bottles

So, which e-juice bottle do you use?

If you go with a LDPE (low-density polyethylene) bottle, it can be from 10ml to around 100ml and you'll find it will be easy to squeeze. They are simple to use and recommended for beginner mixologists. The large HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bottles are great if you are storing a larger supply to be reduced into smaller bottles like PET, unicorn or chubby bottles later. These are all plastic but a bit firmer than the LDPE bottles. These make for an easier fill, because you are not having to utilize a dropper.

Some prefer glass bottles, and you will find that some of your more expensive juices on the market are sold in glass. Many times, vapers purchase the glass bottles because they can be reused if properly cleaned. If you get an amber colored glass, it is great for minimizing exposure of the juice to sunlight.

Steeping your juice; plastic or glass?

When it comes to steeping your juice, and unlocking those awesome flavors and letting your ingredients time to bond to one another, it is much like creating a fine wine. The preferred bottle here is glass. This is because of the time and heat that goes into the steeping process. Not only are you able to retain the needed heat for steeping, you’re also not going to have melting issues on your hands. A lot of vapers will keep glass bottles on hand for steeping purposes as they can be reused, and later store them in their preferred bottle, rather that preference be plastic or glass.

Other than steeping, does it really matter what e-juice bottle you use?

No, to an extent. It is about personal preference. If you are developing a brand, then you may want to go with hard plastic or glass. This is because it gives the illusion of a higher quality product. The thing to remember it that both exposure to sun and to oxygen will shorten the life of your e-juice. There are some flavors that are just not plastic friendly. With storage, time will play a factor in the bottle that you choose as well. Breakage while being shipped is not a real concern as the bottles are durable, and they will be packaged properly. To go around and around the glass or plastic bottle question is much like the old chicken or the egg question, there is no real answer to it. Again, it is entirely up to the individual.

The real question is not which bottle type is better, but the questions are "what do I want my brand to look like, and what will maintain the quality of my product best?" Since many mixologists’ bottle preferences are a part of their trademark, getting the one that suites your preferred style and taste will prove essential. Whether you are considering making your own e-liquid or you are planning to start a juice empire, it all comes back to the brand, quality, and ease of use for yourself or those who will be using your product.

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