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Avoid Vaping(Dripping) and Driving

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Vaping and Driving

Vaping(dripping) and driving is one of those habits that should be done carefully. If you go online, you’ll see a ton of videos of people vaping in their car. They’re probably showing off how much vapor from their MOD they can pack into their car’s cabin, but one thing you may not be aware of is whether they’re driving or not. Driving with vapor obstructing vision even in the slightest is pretty dangerous, much like anything else obstructing vision would be. Driving while vaping isn’t something that should be done, but if you absolutely must, there are some ways to do so safely.

One thing you can do if you’re driving and vaping is to make sure you only vape at stoplights. While this might be impractical for vapers who drive mostly on highways, it definitely works for those who drive on city roads or in busy residential and urban traffic. If you can, simply place the device in an easy to access spot when you’ve to drive. Then, when a red light inevitably happens, you can pick it up and pull as much as you want.

Another small action to keep in mind is to roll down the window slightly. As mentioned before, the vapers who constantly produce videos that show them filling their car with vapor definitely don’t do this. If you roll down the window, you’ll ensure the vapor will eventually escape the car and not cloud your vision. In summer months, you’ll be able to comfortably roll down your window all the way, but in the winter this may not be possible. If you’re one of the people who can manage the cold seeping into the car in the winter, then go for it. If not, just cracking the window open should do the trick.

A last little tip for vaping on the road isn’t just a vaping tip but a general life tip. Keep everything as efficient as possible. While this somewhat relates to the previous tip of only vaping at stoplights, this can apply in many other ways. Try to use the device with the simplest battery switch, and make sure you don’t have to screw or unscrew any parts on the road. The closest similarity to e-cigs or MODs is cell phones, and with all the newest technology added to vapes of all types, it’s pretty easy to spend a chunk of time fiddling with the settings on your device. Get all of the settings ready prior to your drive on both, so you don’t have to look away from the road for very long. That also means making sure you’re vape tank is full of e-juice.

Whatever you do, make sure the vapor doesn’t distract you from the road. Most accidents are caused by distractions, and a vaping device can easily count as a distraction. If you don’t have to vape on the road, then by all means don’t do it. If you absolutely must, then these simple tips and tricks will help you on your drives.

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