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An RDA Wicking Dilemma - Short or Long Wicks?

Posted by David on

Have you just purchased your first RDA here at The Vape Mall? If so, we understand that you probably feel a little intimidated. Switching from a conventional sub-ohm system to a DIY setup requires a lot of knowledge regarding vaping technology. 

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding using an RDA has to do with the wicks that go into the coils. It's very important to understand how to properly wick your RDA. Improper wicking can result in all kinds of issues including flooding, dry hits and poor flavor.

When it comes to vaping with a rebuildable atomizer, it's all about personal preference. Many vapers invest in an atomizer because they wish to explore a wide array of vaping styles without the restrictions that come along with pre-built hardware.

As you get to know your RDA, you'll likely enjoy experimenting with different coil configurations and wicking styles. Exploring different builds and methods will help you better understand vaping technology while helping you find your unique vaping sweet spot.

In terms of the length of your wick, this is also up to you. There's no real danger associated with using an improperly sized wick. However, you might want to take the advice of more experienced RDA users in order to avoid having an unpleasant vaping experience.

It's widely believed that a short wick is better when it comes to using an RDA. One of the most common misconceptions about this style of vaping is that a larger, longer wick produces bigger, fluffier vape clouds. This misconception comes from the fact that many sub-ohm coil designs have enormous, long cotton wicks in the center.

However, a wick that's too long can produce some problems. For one thing, a long wick can prevent the proper amount of e-liquid from flowing through the mechanism. As a result, you'll end up with nothing but dry hits and a burnt-out coil.

Another issue with long wicks is the fact that they encourage flooding. If the wick is too big, it will absorb too much vape juice. This will cause your atty to flood, causing you to waste e-liquid and make a mess.

A short wick is considered to be better because it can absorb the perfect amount of e-liquid to provide you with smooth inhales, rich flavor and puffy, dense vape clouds. Most vapers agree that the wick should be snipped right before it touches the deck.

However, as we said, using an RDA is all about experimentation. Because an RDA allows for so many different types of configurations, the right wick for your unique vaping setup may not be what works for everyone else.

When it comes to using a rebuildable atomizer, a short wick tends to be the way to go. However, you're free to explore a variety of options before settling on this wicking style.

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