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3 Brief Ways to Identify When a Vape Coil Goes Bad

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall e-cigarette coil

For any level of vaper out there, making sure you have properly functioning vapecoils are key. The coil is the mechanism that heats your e-liquid that youpurchased from The Vape Mall to produce vapor. If it has gone bad or burned out, then you need to know either how to fix it or replace it. With that said, here are 3 brief ways to tell if a coil is bad and what you should do about it.

You Might Have a Bad or Burned Out Coil #1: When Your Vape Tastes Burnt

The coil is what delivers the vapor, so if it's bad, the liquid will not taste right. Kind of like charred marshmallows if you have a sweeter flavor, or like burnt paper for the more savory or tobacco flavors. Don't worry, this taste is the only real effect of a burnt coil. Nothing bad will happen and you are still just inhaling vapor. But, you should make a trip to The Vape Mall as soon as possible.

You Might Have a Bad or Burned Out Coil #2: Amount of Vapor is Reduced

Sometimes, a coil will give no warning when it goes out. It will just give up. When this happens you will not experience the burnt taste. The amount of vapor per draw will simply reduce, or stop all together. Luckily this is easily fixed as well. Just replace the coil like you would when experiencing the burnt taste and vape away.

You Might Have a Bad or Burned Out Coil #3: Tank or Coil is Getting Overly Hot

This is less likely to occur if you keep your tank full, but is still a possibility. If this occurs, you should replace the coil immediately before vaping any further. Heat is a serious thing with all vaping devices and you should get to know the usual temperature of the model you use. If the tank or any part of the device gets over-heated, you should have an expert vaper take a look at it just to be safe. In most cases, they know how, why, and when anything on your device needs to be fixed or replaced and should be consulted, especially if you're a beginner.

To wrap things up, just pay attention to your e-cigarette or MOD. You'll have an idea when something is off just by knowing what it should be like to vape with your particular model. Keep your tank full to avoid burning your coil out before getting good use out of it and make sure everything is running like it should. If you have any questions, The Vape Mall staff are here to help.

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