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Your 5 Senses Make A Difference When You Vape

Posted by David on

The five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, are absolutely critical to a fulfilling vaping experience. While each sense can be thought of and treated differently, the best experience is when all five senses are satisfied with a truly pleasurable experience. How exactly does one attain that moment when all five senses are perfectly in tune with each other, experiencing sensory pleasure? Use your sense of sight to find out.

A critical sense in not just vaping but also in daily life is that of ‘sight’. Experiencing a full array of colors the world has to offer is an amazing facet of life that most people take for granted. In the vaping world, there are two attributes you should be on the lookout for. Vape designers create their designs to appeal to the human eye. Ranging from sleek, futuristic designs to bold and minimalist creations, the vaporizers or MODs themselves are made to catch your attention. Another eye-catcher you cannot miss is the vapor itself. When a big pull puffs into the air, swirling in majestic patterns through the light, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the clouds.

‘Touch’ is intertwined with the sense of sight. A well-crafted device will be highlighted by the interplay of touch and sight, as the feel and design of it will be revealed as you turn it over in your hands. The texture of the device’s exterior should be duly noted during the touching experience, as that feel will be the same every time you pick the vape up and hold it in your hands. Some of them for example will have soft, spongy fabric to be ergonomic, while some will be industrial and economic with hard exteriors.

The sense of ‘taste’ can make or break a vaping experience. An amazing, creative flavor of e-juice will roll on the tongue with sweet and savory notes, expanding the mind with an impossibly fragrant taste. On the other hand, a cheap flavor will leave your taste buds numb, ruining the experience. A quality sense of taste is absolutely necessary to curate your favorite high-quality flavors.

Similarly, ‘smell’ is integral to vaping. While taste is its own sensation, the sense of smell is what influences the human brain the most when trying something new. The smell of the vapor as it enters your mouth, and even after you breathe it out, impacts your brain’s opinion on the quality of the vapor.

‘Hearing’, while not necessarily as important as smell or taste, still plays an important part. Listening to the sound of the device as you pull does add to the ambience, making it a surround sound and entirely full experience. Also, if you hear any funny noises, such as the tank gurgling for instance, then you know something is wrong and it needs to be fixed or it could damage your vaping device.

In essence, a truly, full vaping experience is only possible when all five senses are involved and in sync with one another. A well-designed, colorful vape with amazing e-liquid flavors will let each sense be engaged separately and together, delighting the mind.

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