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Vaping “In The Land Down Under”

Posted by David on

Australia's relationship with vaping is nothing short of complicated. Currently, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes are banned. However, Australian legislators continue to passionately dispute whether the banning of these products is beneficial to the health of the public. 

Vaping in Australia

Around the world, various studies have confirmed that vaping is significantly less harmful than the use of tobacco cigarettes. Still, the Australian government isn't convinced. Australia's excessively strict laws regarding vaping are notorious worldwide.

Australia has banned the use of vaping and e-cigarette products virtually since these products became popular alternatives to tobacco products. Recently, they created a new law that states that any person caught vaping or smoking an electronic cigarette in a public space can be fined $550.

According to public health officials in Australia, e-liquid products contain heavy metals and other toxins that pollute the air and put bystanders at risk of harmful side effects. They believe that clouds of e-cigarette vapor can negatively affect the health of those who happen to be in an area in which someone is vaping.

However, various studies have shown that second-hand e-cigarette vapor has virtually no risks to a person's health . For this reason, many Australian vapers find their government's view on vaping to be misinformed and ridiculous.

A large population of people in Australia also find that their government's ban on vaping is more harmful than helpful. Several members of the government feel that by banning vaping, those who are addicted to tobacco cigarettes cannot turn to this technology to ditch the cigarettes once and for all. Countless vape enthusiasts in Australia agree.

Anti-vaping officials argue that because the use of tobacco products is extremely low in Australia, lifting regulations on vaping may result in a drastic spike in nicotine use among citizens. They fear that by allowing vaping products to be sold, these products may act as a gateway to conventional tobacco products.

However, vape supporters argue that for those who are addicted to tobacco products in Australia, the legalization of vaping products may be the only thing that helps them kick the habit.

Currently, it is illegal to purchase, possess or use e-liquid products in Australia. In most states, it is illegal to purchase, possess or use vaping devices as well.

According to Australia's National Poisons Standard, nicotine is classified as a poisonous substance. Interestingly, it is legal to obtain e-liquid containing nicotine from a doctor if you are a person who is addicted to tobacco products and your health is suffering as a result.

The Future of Vaping in Australia

Despite the strict ban on vaping statewide, several members of the Australian government are still fighting for legalization of e-liquid products. Members who are particularly critical of Australia's laws are pushing for the government to be more open to reviewing the various studies that show how e-cigarettes and vaping products are significantly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

As the Industry Changes

As the vaping industry continues to change worldwide, more and more studies will be conducted to determine the long-term effects of this technology. Those who are supportive of vaping hope that these studies will challenge Australian officials to change their tune. Until then, it remains illegal to vape in Australia. If you're planning to travel to Australia soon, it's important to keep this in mind.

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