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Vaping in New Zealand

Posted by David on

Vapers in New Zealand have a reason to celebrate. Very recently, the ban on vaping and the use of e-cigarettes was lifted. Before vaping was legalized in May, New Zealand had been following Australia's notoriously strict laws regarding vaping by banning it completely. Now, after reviewing various studies regarding the relative safety of e-liquid products, New Zealand has changed its tune. 

A Complicated History

Up until May, citizens of New Zealand could not legally purchase, use, sell or possess e-liquid products. Inspired by Australia's ban on vaping, the New Zealand government had decided that vaping products were potentially harmful. Simply put, they had refused to accept that it was a safer alternative to the use of tobacco products.

Like Australia, New Zealand has seen a decrease in cigarette smoking over the last few decades. For this reason, officials were concerned that legalizing vaping products would increase the risk of nicotine addiction to its citizens, making e-liquid products a gateway to widespread cigarette use.

New Zealand officials were also concerned about the health risks associated with vaping. When the ban on vaping was initially passed, the technology behind vaping was relatively new. Therefore, officials could not say with certainty that vaping came with less risks to one's health than the use of tobacco products.

However, after the United Kingdom published a report that states that e-liquid products are 95 percent less harmful than conventional tobacco products, the government took notice. After reviewing this study thoroughly, they determined that e-cigarettes and vaping products may indeed be a safe alternative to cigarettes.

The people of New Zealand are generally in favor of the recent legalization of vaping products. Many citizens have found that these products are the only method for quitting conventional cigarettes for good.

New Regulations for Vaping

While vaping is now legal in New Zealand, there are still, of course, regulations regarding how these products are created, sold and marketed. Regulations regarding vaping in New Zealand aren't that different from those in the United States and United Kingdom.

For one thing, vaping products cannot be sold to minors. Additionally, vaping products cannot be marketed in a way that appeals to those who don't already use nicotine products. Plus, vaping is banned from certain areas in which cigarette smoking is banned.

In April, New Zealand followed in Australia's footsteps by banning the use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices in public spaces. Those who vape in public are at risk of being slapped with a hefty fine. It remains to be seen how the new legalization of vaping will affect the current ban of vaping in public spaces.

In addition to vape enthusiasts, e-liquid manufacturers in the country are ecstatic about the new laws regarding vaping in New Zealand. Statistics show that there are between 100,000 and 200,000 vapers in New Zealand currently. This means that e-liquid brands can open stores around the nation to increase business.

New Zealanders’ Efforts

With New Zealand's recent legalization of vaping, countless cigarette smokers can now switch to vaping to kick their tobacco habit. Thanks to the many studies that have proven that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, citizens of New Zealand can finally make the switch to this exciting technology without fear of penalty.

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