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Posted by David on

The creative team behind the glorious vape juices by The Vape Mall understands that everyone's sweet tooth is a little different. That's why they've released Vanilla Custard V2 vape juice. This vanilla custard flavor is sweeter and creamier than the original flavor. Additionally, the taste of egg yolks is toned down. If your taste buds crave sugary vanilla custard flavor that's not overly rich, Vanilla Custard V2 vape juice will satisfy your needs.

Vanilla Custard V2 Vape Juice by The Vape Mall

An exquisite vanilla custard flavor that's loaded with rich vanilla and sugary sweetness. If you love vanilla custard but don't like when it's full of that eggy flavor, you'll appreciate this smooth and more subtle custard taste. With that creamy finish, your taste buds will want you to vape this flavor all day long.

As you inhale Vanilla Custard V2 e-juice by The Vape Mall, a powerful dose of yummy vanilla flavor flows over every taste bud, making your mouth water. Then, the flavor's sugary sweetness intensifies as the vapor absorbs into the palate. When you exhale, a light and smooth rush of cream soaks the tongue.

Vanilla Custard V2 vape juice by The Vape Mall can be purchased in a variety of sizes, mixes and nicotine strengths. Each bottle is filled to order. Therefore, you can be confident that your e-liquid will be as fresh and flavorful as can be.

About The Vape Mall

The Vape Mall uses only food grade ingredients that are made in the United States of America. Each juice is carefully formulated to deliver authentic and delicious flavor.

A Creamy Custard Dessert Vape

If creamy vanilla custard is your favorite decadent dessert, The Vape Mall has got you covered. Vanilla Custard V2 e-liquid is a heavenly treat for your palate.

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