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Top 3 Summer E-Liquids from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall ejuice

Summer E-Liquid #1: Orange Dreamsicle

Most likely the words “orange creamsicle” bring back strong memories from when you were a child. Running around in the sun playing with your friends or splashing around in a pool for hours got you pretty tired, and you would go inside to take a shady, cool break. Waiting inside the fridge for you would be a nice Popsicle - sometimes fruit flavored, but pretty often that always amazing orange creamsicle flavor. We synthesized exactly that flavor with its finely crafted Orange Dreamsicle vape juice. Carefully whirling together all of the best flavors into a beautiful package, we bring back those classic memories with newfound hobbies with this delightful e-liquid.

Summer E-Liquid #2: Hawaiian Limeade

A slightly more unique summer flavor is the Hawaiian Limeade. If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, then you’ll definitely recognize this flavor instantly. If not, it’s somewhat similar to pink lemonade but far tastier and significantly more satisfying. Perfect for summer due to its refreshing, cool taste, the Limeade is definitely an all-day type of vape juice. Some vapers like to take this one to work during the summer, since it reminds them of an exotic vacation. Some others take it with them on actual vacations, saying it enhances the experience more than other e-juice flavors would. Regardless of how you prefer the flavor, it’s a timeless e-liquid that’s perfect for summer mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Summer E-Liquid #3: Caribbean Cool

You know what’s cool? This summertime e-liquid from The Vape Mall called Caribbean Cool. That’s what’s cool. Summoning up the taste of newly cracked coconut, combining it with fresh pineapple, and topping it off with a dash of banana, the Caribbean Cool e-juice flavor is an awesome synthesis of fresh tropical fruits. By looking at some of the most popular and great-tasting fruits from the Caribbean, we were able to craft a perfect blend that blesses your taste buds with those summer essences.

Don’t miss out on these amazing blends and unique flavors from the e-liquids mentioned above. So enhance your summer and make your vaping sessions the most memorable ones you’ve ever had with these great-tasting summer e-juice flavors.

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