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Top 3 Labor Day Weekend E-Liquids from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Labor Day is just around the corner. This beloved holiday marks the end of summer festivities. If you've got exciting plans for this upcoming holiday, you're going to want to grab some seasonal e-juice flavors from The Vape Mall to celebrate in style. 

Labor Day Weekend E-Liquid #3: Extreme Ice

If the weather is going to be particularly hot this Labor Day, you're going to need something to keep cool as you sit beneath the sun with your loved ones. Fortunately, this icy treat is like a cold breeze that you can enjoy all day long. The inhale cools you down instantly thanks to that crisp, frosty menthol. On the exhale, the iciness of the flavor becomes intense, sending a chill down your entire body.

Labor Day Weekend E-Liquid #2: Dutch Apple Pie

If Labor Day is your chance to show off your patriotism, this is an excellent choice. Warm stewed apples are encased in a buttery, flaky crust and topped with plenty of cinnamon and sugar. Each inhale provides you with the mouth-watering taste of slow-cooked apples. The cinnamon and sugar swirl around on the tongue before the pie crust flavor takes over on the exhale.

Labor Day Weekend E-Liquid #1: Caribbean Cool

If you never got a chance to visit a gorgeous island beach this summer, you can still experience a taste of paradise with this vape juice. Creamy coconut milk, juicy pineapples and sweet bananas join forces to tantalize you with exotic flavors while satisfying your thirst on hot summer days. When you inhale, the pineapple flavor refreshes you instantly. Then, the banana flavor adds tropical sweetness. Each exhale bathes your tongue in smooth, sweet coconut milk.

Grab These Labor Day Vape Flavors Today!

These three delicious e-liquids will help you make the most of your Labor Day activities.

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