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Top 3 Fall E-Juice Flavors From The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

As summer comes to an end, it becomes possible to find "pumpkin spice" anything, and that’s as true for great  e-liquid flavors as anything else. One of the best parts of the fall season is the new authentic fall flavors that show up on our site.

With that said, check out these 3 fall season flavors that’ll keep you vaping warm and cheery:

TVM Fall E-Liquid #3:  CANDY CORN

One of our most popular flavors, especially during Halloween. Enjoy passing out candy while you vape clouds of  Candy Corn for your own enjoyment. This e-juice has a strong Candy Corn flavor with hints of custard or vanilla. It's a very sweet blend that still manages subtlety. It’s available in all of our standard sizes and nicotine strength options. For a little extra fall spice, users can add sour, sweet, or menthol flavors.

TVM Fall E-Liquid #2:  PUMPKIN SPICE

No list of anticipated fall flavors would be complete without our  Pumpkin Spice vape juice. This is a must-try for vapers of the classic flavor. It has a taste similar to pumpkin spice coffees, and the flavor is intensely rich to vape. But you’ll have to vape it for yourself to see. Full of familiar spices, this is the flavor to keep you warm during the colder seasons. Standard mix, size, nicotine, and flavor options are available, but we recommend only boosting the flavor in this one if you’re sure you'll like the extra kick!

TVM Fall E-Liquid #1:  CARAMEL APPLE
Our Caramel Apple e-juice is the perfect flavor when you are looking for a dash of holiday sweetness – Thanksgiving of course. The rich caramel is strongest on the inhale, and you'll notice the taste of warm apple as you breathe out. This classic e-juice favorite is sure to bring back memories of carnivals and fall parties. Now you can have as many "caramel apples" as you want when you purchase this delectable flavor.

Whether you’re wanting to stay warm on your commute or enjoy nostalgic favorites, The Vape Mall has the flavors (all of our e-juices are made with the highest quality, food-grade ingredients) you'll want to stock up on for this upcoming fall. So get the flavors you crave with the quality you've come to expect for a satisfying vaping season.

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