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Top 3 2019 Upcoming Fall E-Juice Flavors from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

The summer is winding down, to the disappoint of many. But, soon enough, the leaves will be falling from the trees, we’ll be wearing our favorite sweaters and counting down the days to Halloween. That’s right – the fall season is upon us, and many of us love this beautiful time of year.

If you’re itching to get into the fall spirt despite the fact that the fall is still a few weeks away, we have something special for you. We’ve made a list of our favorite fall-oriented e-liquid flavors. By grabbing these three tasty, seasonal juices, you’ll be well on your way to getting into the spirit of the season.

Fall 2019 Flavor #3: Candy Corn

There’s one flavor that instantly brings us back to our favorite Halloween memories, and this would be it. This seasonal treat is only available for a few weeks out of the year, and many of us still dream of those delicious little candies. Of course, not all of us are excited about consuming all of that sugar in one sitting. Luckily, you can have it in a vape form. When you inhale, instantly notice that distinctive caramelized sugar taste that you know and love. That hint of savory starts to emerge to balance out the astonishing sweetness. Then, by exhaling, it’s like you’ve just indulged in a mouthful of those tiny little delicacies.

Fall 2019 Flavor #2: Pear

Once the summer comes to an end and the weather starts to cool down, some of our favorite fruits begin to emerge at last. One of the most delicious fall offerings is the humble pear with its crisp, sweet and incredibly smooth taste. Rather than waiting for those pears to ripen, you can just vape your way to satisfaction. On the inhale, those crisp notes tease your palate as that mellow taste starts to drift across the tongue. When you exhale, that succulent sweetness explodes on the taste buds.

Fall 2019 Flavor #1: Pumpkin Pie

There’s really no flavor more associated with the fall season than pumpkin pie. And, our rendition of it is certain to please thanks to its layers of outrageously delicious flavors. Simply put, this is the ultimate fall vape treat. At first, experience that smooth and rich pumpkin taste that’s enhanced with a variety of seasonal spices. Then, as you exhale, a buttery crust hits the spot.

Get Ready for the Fall Weather by Grabbing These Vape Juices

Between sugary candy corn, indulgent pumpkin pie and crisp, smooth pears, it’s hard to deny that the fall season offers some of our very favorite foods. If you wanna embrace the fall spirit and be ahead of the game, we recommend picking up all three of these tempting treats. This way, you’ll feel like autumn has already arrived.

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