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The RBA/RDA Revolution

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall RDA

RBAs, RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs. The vocabulary behind vaping can definitely be confusing, and it only gets more confusing as more innovative technology comes into the market. We can be sure of one thing, though: RBAs and RDAs are sweeping the vaping industry, with an unprecedented number of sales in the past year. But what exactly are RBAs and RDAs, and why’re they so popular?

An RBA - or in its long form, a rebuildable atomizer - is any device that holds fairly large quantities of e-juice relative to other types of devices and is able to be deconstructed and reconstructed. RBA is a sort of umbrella term that covers any and all types of rebuildable device. In general, if you see an acronym that starts with an “R” and is related to vaping, chances are that acronym means some part or all of the referred item is rebuildable.

RBAs are rising in popularity due to their portability. Because they can hold more vape juice than most other devices, vapers prefer to bring these devices out on longer trips. However, they are slightly bulkier than other types of devices. Many vapers will overlook this due to the positives outweighing the tiny inconvenience of a slightly larger product. RBAs are also far easier to clean and maintain due to their easy deconstruction and reconstruction. While in other devices you may have to navigate your way through tiny screws and counterintuitive fittings, RBAs are designed to be built and taken apart. They serve as an easy introduction to the world of customizability.

RDAs are slightly less convenient, but provide a lot more for the user. RDAs, or rebuildable dripping atomizers, are a certain subset of RBAs. This subset works without a tank to hold e-liquid. All of the liquid is held by the wick and coil, and sometimes by a small well at the base of the dripper. This may sound strange at first. After all, why would you want a device that doesn’t hold any vape juice? It turns out that this setup works because dripping is able to provide a perfect hit every single time. By carefully dripping e-juice directly onto the atomizer, users are able to craft a perfect, flavorful hit with no failure. Furthermore, wicks hold quite a bit more juice than most think. RDAs usually are able to last up to twenty-five puffs between drips. RDAs are extremely popular due to the astounding amount of true flavor they can accurately produce. Perfect hits with tons of flavor are what vapers want, and RDAs provide exactly that.

RBAs and RDAs are some of the most popular devices on the market today for more experienced vapers. By offering enhanced longevity and portability, RBAs corner a segment of the industry that has been lacking for quite some time. RDAs boast increased flavor output, and keep users from those dreaded dry hits. If you’re a seasoned veteran to the vaping industry, then it’s definitely time to give one of these types of devices a try.

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