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Getting Your Vape “Fill”: Top-Filling vs. Bottom-Filling vs. Side-Filling Pods

Posted by David on

Open vape pods are components of pod system/pod mods. These devices have grown in popularity due to their convenience, ease of use, and compact design. Today, you can find pods in all types of sizes and several shapes, along with different coil options. Plus, they can be filled using salt-based nicotine e-liquid (and even freebase for some pods) a few ways, depending on how they were crafted. So, we will be going over what each filling pod filling method is as well as their pros and cons.

What are the Main Characteristics of Open Vape Pods?

Open vape pods are part of the broader category of pod systems, which are favored for their user-friendly design and portability. They provide a balance between the customizability of traditional tank-based systems and the convenience of closed pod systems.

Here are the main characteristics of open vape pods:

1.Refillable: Open vape pods are designed to be refilled with e-liquid or vape juice by the user. This is in contrast to closed pods, which are pre-filled with e-liquid and are intended to be disposed of after the e-liquid is depleted.

2.Reusable: After the e-liquid is finished, you don't dispose of the entire pod. Instead, you can refill it with your choice of e-liquid. However, they do have a lifespan and need to be replaced after being refilled multiple times, as the coil inside the pod will eventually burn out or the flavor quality will degrade.

3.Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly: Because they can be refilled and reused, open pods can be more cost-effective and less wasteful compared to closed pod systems.

4.Customizable: Open vape pods allow users to choose their own flavors and nicotine strengths, offering more flexibility than pre-filled pods. This is particularly appealing to users who want to experiment with different e-liquid combinations or gradually reduce their nicotine intake.

5.Capacity and Coil Options: Open vape pods once again, come in various e-liquid capacities and may have different coil options (resistance levels) to cater to unique vaping preferences, i.e., mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping styles.

6.Simple to Use: While they require a bit more work than closed pods due to the need for refilling, open pods are still relatively easy to use, making them a good choice for both beginners and experienced vapers.

7.Maintenance: They require some basic maintenance, such as regular cleaning and proper storage, to ensure the best performance and longevity.Top of Form

Top-Filling vs. Bottom-Filling vs. Side-Filling Pods

There are three types of filling system pods, and each as its benefits for users when it comes to refilling with your choice of e-liquids. Keep in mind though, not all vaping devices support that said filling system pod. So, it's important for users to check the compatibility of these pods with their specific pod mods.

Top-Filling Pods

The primary feature of top-filling pods is their filling mechanism, which’s typically accessed from the top of the pod, hence the name. Here's a breakdown of their key features and benefits:

1.Ease of Refilling: Unlike traditional vape tanks or pods that might require disassembling or removing the pod from the device to refill, top-filling pods allow users to refill their e-liquid directly from the top. This is usually achieved by unscrewing a cap or pressing a button to access the filling port.

2.Reduced Leakage: The top-filling design can help minimize leakage, a common issue with bottom-fill systems where the seal might weaken over time, leading to e-liquid leakage.

3.Convenience: Users don't need to remove the pod from the device to refill it, making the process quicker and cleaner.

4.Visibility of E-liquid Level: Some top-filling pods are designed with transparent materials or have windows, allowing users to easily see the amount of e-liquid left in the pod.

Bottom-Filling Pods

Bottom-filling pods are named for their design, where the filling mechanism is located at the bottom of the pod. Here are some key features and aspects of bottom-filling pods:

1.Refill Mechanism: Unlike top-filling pods where the liquid is poured into the pod from the top, bottom-filling pods have a small opening or port at the bottom. Users typically need to remove the pod from the device, open the filling port, and inject the e-liquid.

2.Leak Prevention: One of the reasons for the design is to minimize leaks. Having the filling mechanism at the bottom can sometimes help prevent leaking that can occur through openings used for refilling or air intake.

3.Maintenance: While bottom-filling pods can be convenient and potentially less messy, they may require a bit more effort or dexterity to refill compared to top-filling systems due to their design.

4.Capacity and Design: The size and design of bottom-filling pods can vary. Some may offer larger e-liquid capacities, while others might be designed for more compact and discreet use.

Side-Filling Pods

Side-filling pods are distinct because of their filling mechanism. Unlike other types, where you might fill the pod from the top or bottom, side-filling pods are refilled from a small port located on the side of the pod. Here's a breakdown of their features and how they are typically used:

1.Design: Side-filling pods are usually compact and designed to fit securely into the corresponding vape device. They come with a hole or port on the side, which is sealed with a rubber stopper or a similar mechanism to prevent leaks.

2.Filling Method: To refill, you generally remove the pod from the device, open the sealing stopper, and inject e-liquid through the side port. The side-fill design can be more convenient and less messy compared to other methods, as it reduces the likelihood of e-liquid spilling out during the refilling process.

3.Leak Prevention: The side port is typically designed with leak prevention in mind, featuring secure seals that keep the e-liquid contained when the pod is in use or when it's being stored.

4.Convenience and Cleanliness: These pods are favored by some vapers for their convenience, as the side-filling mechanism can be easier and cleaner than other methods, especially when refilling on the go.

Which Pod Type Will You Choose?

Better yet, which type of tank is better-suited for your vaping needs: one that fills through the top, one that fills through the bottom, or one that fills via the side. Well, ultimately, there really is no definitive answer. It’s up to you to compare each to decide which aspects you prefer when you’re vaping. However, at The Vape Mall, we carry all three styles of pods in various options, as that way, you can scope each one of them out, in order to determine which open pod type will meet your vaping needs.

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