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5 Tips for Getting Used to a New Vape Juice Flavor

Posted by David on

We’ve all been there – after weeks, or even months of vaping the same e-liquid flavor, we realize it’s time for a switch, and so we choose to seek out a new flavor profile that will be just as satisfying without tasting exactly like the old one. Or maybe we are shopping for e-juice and are intrigued by a flavor we’ve never seen before, and we decide that it’s time to ditch our tried-and-true ADV in a moment of bravery.

Regardless of the reason for switching to a new flavor, it’s not a stretch to say that some vapers struggle with the process. Many of us are fixed in our ways, even when it comes to e-liquid flavors, and so we have a difficult time adjusting to a totally new taste when we hit our mods.

What You Can Do to Adjust to a New E-Liquid Flavor

Before diving into these tips below, it’s important to point out that they apply to both freebase and salt-based nicotine e-liquids. Essentially, the process of switching flavors is completely the same regardless.

Tip #1: Do a Palate Cleanse

It may be useful to do a vaping palate cleanse before you switch to a new flavor. When we are eating a multi-course meal at a nice restaurant, we may be brought a small bowl of lemon sorbet in between two particularly flavorful courses. This acts as a palate cleanser, as the lemon recalibrates the taste buds, so that way, we enjoy the new dish more. In the vaping world, you can choose a pure menthol flavor to vape in-between two more involved, complex flavors, as this will have the same type of effect.

Tip #2: Wean Yourself Slowly

There is no rule that says that you need to make a cold turkey-style switch from one flavor to another. If you have two vaping setups, you can put the old flavor in one and the new flavor in the other. Then, you can slowly adjust to the new flavor by narrowing the ratio little by little between how much you vape the old flavor in one day, and how much you vape the new one. Start with vaping with the old flavor as you normally do and take just a couple of hits here and there with the new one. Eventually, you will be able to fully switch to the new one.

Tip #3: Stick with the Same VG/PG Ratio and Nicotine Strength

Switching to a new flavor can be a bit jarring, so we recommend that you don’t mess with the VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength at the same time. Try to stick to the same VG/PG ratio and nicotine level you were vaping at, so that you do not need to adjust to any more changes than necessary. Of course, if you were wanting to switch either of these two attributes, then feel free to do so.

Tip #4: Choose a Flavor in the Same Category as the Old One

If you’re particularly sensitive to flavor, you may wish to play it safe by at least staying in the same category of flavor that you were vaping.

For instance, if you were vaping a fruit e-liquid with the flavor of berries, try going to a new type of fruit flavor, like mango or citrus. This way, you’ll still be getting a fresh, fruity flavor, only with different flavor notes. If you were vaping a tobacco flavor, try switching to a tobacco flavor that is enhanced with caramel or custard, as it will still satisfy your palate, only with the addition of these enticing flavor notes.

Tip #5: Make Sure You Have a Clean Tank and a Fresh Coil

One thing that people should always do when switching to a new flavor is ensure that their tank is clean, and their coil is fresh. Many do underestimate just how much the flavor of the old e-liquid can influence the new one if neither of these measures are taken. Trace amounts of vape juice build up in the tank in the form of gunk, and they can give you tastes of the old e-juice as you try to vape the new one, which can be unfavorable, especially if the two flavors do not complement each other.

Furthermore, the wick of the coil is designed to absorb e-liquid very efficiently, and so without switching to a new one, you are definitely going to be tasting a blend of the two flavor profiles at the same time.

Cleaning your tank to rid it of traces of old vape juice is easy. Take it apart fully, and clean each piece individually, either with vodka or isopropyl alcohol diluted in water. Look carefully for juice gunk, and if you must, use a cotton swab to remove it. Allow each piece to dry before putting the tank back together.

Enjoy that New Vape Juice Flavor to the Fullest

Getting used to a new vape juice flavor can be a more challenging process for some vapers than others, as many of us get attached to the flavor profile we are vaping, and even have particularly picky palates. The good news, there are some methods that can make this process an easy one, as you can see above. Again, just go about it slowly and make sure your tank is clean and your coil is fresh, and you should be ready to vape.

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