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How to Properly Clean and Attach a Pipe’s Removable Glass Bowl

Posted by David on

Anyone who has been using a pipe for a decent amount of time realizes that it needs to be cleaned, otherwise it simply won’t deliver the same satisfying pulls of smoke that it used to. If you are using a pipe with a removable glass bowl, the process of cleaning is actually quite simple compared to pipes that do not have this removable feature.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Bowl Regularly

Many of us simply fail to realize the importance of cleaning their bowl regularly until something goes wrong. Each time you fire a hit, a little bit of resin builds up along the bowl, along with some ash. Gradually, this can cause the bowl to get clogged, preventing the necessary airflow that makes it easy to inhale.

This gunk can then negatively impact the way in which your smoke tastes. After all, the taste of ash and burnt resin is not exactly tasty. Beyond that, it can make your hits harsher due to inhaling trace amounts of this buildup, which can cause you to cough, or at the very least irritate your throat.

Do All Pipes Have a Removable Glass Bowl?

Before we begin talking about the cleaning process, take note that this information only applies to pipes that have a removable glass bowl. Not all pipes have this feature, and it is actually quite new to the market. If you have a pipe that has a stationary bowl, then you’ll need to clean it using more traditional methods.

How to Clean and Attach Your Pipe’s Removable Glass Bowl

Now, we can talk about thoroughly cleaning your removable glass bowl.

  • Keep mind this should be done about once a week, give or take, if you are a daily smoker.
  • Occasional pipe smokers, once every other week should be fine.
  • Also, if a particular smoking session produces an unusual amount of debris, then you can clean it sooner.

Step #1: Carefully remove the glass bowl from the pipe, making sure your hands are clean and dry. Because it’s made of glass, dropping it could destroy it, and leave you without the ability to smoke.

Step #2: Place the piece into a small dish that allows you to fully submerge it. Use some sort of object to weigh it down, such as a drinking glass. Then, fill the bowl with warm water, and add two tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol, and two tablespoons of salt. Allow it to soak for fifteen minutes. This solution will gently lift debris and other impurities off of the surface of the glass, making it easy for you.

Step #3: After fifteen minutes have passed, you can check on the glass bowl. If there is still debris on its surface, you can use a cotton swab to gently dislodge it. The soaking solution should have broken up the debris so that it easily wipes right off.

Step #4: Rinse the removable glass bowl under running water for about fifteen seconds. Be careful not to drop it. This will remove the alcohol and salt, which could interfere with the flavor of your next smoking session. Let it dry for about 20 minutes.

Step #5: Carefully reattach the bowl to the pipe. Each pipe is different, but most of them allow you to simply press the bowl into place.

Removeable Glass Bowls Can Become Pricey If Replaced Too Often

Cleaning your glass bowl is incredibly important if you want to continue to enjoy quality smoking sessions. The good news is that the cleaning process is actually quite simple and quick. Make sure to clean your bowl regularly to enjoy flavorful and smooth smokes for a long time to come. Hence, it is crucial once again to keep this tiny little piece of hardware clean on a regular basis.

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