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Aspire Typhon Revvo 100W TC Starter Kit

Posted by David on

There's nothing worse than having to cut your vaping session short because of a weak battery. Thankfully, that inconvenience becomes a thing of the past when you grab the Aspire Typhon Revvo 100W TC Starter Kit. This remarkably powerful device is advanced as it gets. Yet, its compact design allows you to enjoy the many benefits of rocking a portable vaping unit. 

The Aspire Typhon Revvo 100W TC is a conversation piece thanks to its striking color splash design. Gorgeous neon colors sit against a glossy black backdrop. You can choose from a wide selection of colors based on your personal style.

Besides its attractive appearance, the Aspire Typhon Revvo 100W TC is a technological masterpiece. Any vaper who is familiar with Aspire's advanced hardware won't be surprised by how powerful this device is. The 5000mAh battery is much more powerful than most batteries that you'll find inside of a portable device. This battery allows you to achieve 100 watts of vaping power while enjoying a seriously long battery life.

If you're an advanced vaper, you'll take much pleasure in exploring the various output modes that are available. In addition to a convenient memory mode function, this device allows you to seamlessly switch between various temperature control options that can accommodate a wide range of coil builds.

The Revvo Sub-Ohm Tank is easy to fill thanks to the top-filling spring design that also prevents messy leaks. This tank can hold 3.6mL of e-liquid. A variety of airflow modes gives you the ability to further customize each puff. This tank is compatible with the ARC Coil System. This family of coils will improve the flavor of your e-juice while providing you with those fluffy, giant clouds that you crave.

The small display screen on the side of the chassis provides you with the data that you need to stay on top of your vaping statistics. The display screen is bright, crisp and clear. This device is equipped with tons of safety features that keep you and your device safe throughout extended vaping sessions.

The Aspire Typhon Revvo 100W TC Starter Kit is one of the most powerful kits today. Despite its advanced features, it’s highly portable and extremely comfortable to hold.

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