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Posted by David on

Few vape hardware brands can top the impressive technology for which SMOK is known. One of their most coveted setups is the SMOK Mag 225W TC and TFV12 Prince Full Kit, a compact vaping device that's a far cry from the bulky, heavy box mods of the old days. This kit will dramatically enhance your vaping experience thanks to its impressive output, its flavor-enhancing tank and its ergonomic design. 

The SMOK Mag 225W TC and TFV12 Prince Full Kit combines two of the most popular hardware pieces that the brand has ever released. The SMOK Mag 225W TC is a powerful mod that can reach 225 watts of power thanks to two 18650 batteries that power the device. One of the most unique features of this mod is its trigger-like design that's both attractive and practical. You'll be able to vape for hours thanks to the comfortable grip that this device has to offer.

SMOK's legendary chipset technology enables vapers to play around with different settings while enjoying impressive data organization. An advanced temperature control suite gives vapers the ability to seamlessly switch between a variety of output modes. Preheat capability improves each hit.

The large display screen is as crisp and bold as it gets. This display screen is extremely easy to read and remarkably precise. Vapers will be able to monitor their vaping statistics.

The TFV12 Prince is easily one of the best-selling tanks of all time. This sub-ohm tank maximizes the flavor of any e-juice thanks to the way in which it heats the coil. You'll be able to enjoy a truly smooth flavor and huge clouds whenever you take a pull.

The coils that come with the unit are renowned for their quality, providing you with consistently yummy hits that never taste burnt. You won't have to worry about dry hits or juice leaks thanks to the excellent materials with which these coils are made.

The SMOK Mag 225W TC and TFV12 Prince Full Kit will go down in vaping history as one of the most impressive devices of all-time. Its ergonomic design and advanced technology have raised the standards of hardware, all while providing vapers with a deeply satisfying experience.

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