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Extending Your MOD's Battery Life: Simple Tips

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall E-cig Mod

There are many things you can do during your daily activities that’ll help you make your MOD’sbattery last longer, especially if you’re someone who enjoys a good sub-ohm or cloud chasing session.

Extending Your MOD’s Battery Simple Tip #1: Temperature Affects Battery Life

Avoid overheating your unit at any time you are in possession of it. High temperatures cause most of the battery damage and reduction in battery life you see today. If the temperature is above 113 degrees, it will start to age your battery faster than at lower temps. A battery that is always used and never given time to cool down will have a shorter life than a battery that is given a chance to get cool.

You should also not use your MOD when it is at temperatures below -4 degrees. The reactions that happen inside of the battery don't work as efficiently when they are cold, giving you poor performance. Suddenly heating up a battery that is cold can cause damage to the battery also.

Extending Your MOD’s Battery Simple Tip #2: Keep Your Device Fully Charged

Never empty your battery if you want it to last. Don't even let it get to 30% if possible. Before plugging your MOD in to charge, let it cool down to a regular temperature. Extend your batteries life by using a slightly higher voltage and avoid anything lower than what’s recommended. Lower voltages eventually cause a short circuit inside the battery.

The lithium-ion batteries used in MODs do not need to be discharged completely to keep them in top condition. Nickel cadmium and nickel hydride batteries need to be completely drained from time to time, but they are not the type used for e-cigs. You should partially discharge and recharge before the batteries are dead to extend the life of your MODs battery.

Extending Your MOD’s Battery Simple Tip #3: Charging Etiquette

More charging habits will help to make your MODs battery last. After you have fully charged your unit, let it cool down before you begin using it. You should probably also avoid using it while it’s charging because this will cause too much heat. Charging a MOD that is at too low of a temperature causes a short circuit that can result in the battery bursting. If you’ve a charger that allows you to pick what voltage, choosing 4.1v reduces the stress and extends the battery's life. The capacity, however, will drop by up to 15%.

Use a charger that turns itself off once the charge is complete. Overcharging can cause just as many problems as not keeping them charged enough. Using a method of charging that’s slower is another good option for extending your MODs battery life. They usually charge at 1.0A-1.5A but have an additional rapid charge rate of 4A. The slower the charge is, the less heat will be generated, thus giving your battery a longer lifespan.

Your MOD’s battery can have a longer life if you take care of it right and take the correct precautions. The batteries can be temperamental to the changing weather around them. They’re also significantly affected by the way that you charge the device. Using these ideas will certainly help you get more days out of your vaping pleasure.

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