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Posted by David on

These days vapers are switching out their complicated, enormous box mods for more portable, user-friendly kits. If you're ready to switch to a more compact device that still provides you with serious vaping power, the eLeaf Kiya 50W GS Juni Kit is the way to go. This portable kit has most of its hardware built into the device, allowing you to take a break from constant maintenance. Despite its small size, this device will provide you with tons of vapor and huge, satisfying pulls.

The eLeaf Kiya 50W GS Juni Kit combines the widely popular Kiya iStick mod with the beloved GS Juni Tank. This special kit is extremely portable, allowing you to vape no matter where you are. The device sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it perfect for extended vaping sessions. Best of all, you can easily slip it into the pocket of your pants thanks to its small shape and lightweight construction.

So many portable devices fail to deliver the amount of power that advanced vape enthusiasts are accustomed to. Fortunately, this isn't the case with the eLeaf Kiya 50W. An impressive 1600mAh battery is built into the device, giving it the ability to reach 50 watts. You'll be able to enjoy the full hits that you're used to without having to carry around a huge box mod.

A trigger-style fire button prevents your hand from cramping up while you enjoy long vaping sessions. The large display screen provides you with accurate data so that you can monitor your vaping statistics with ease. The display screen also acts as a clock.

If you're an advanced vaper who likes to tinker around with a wide variety of settings, this mod won't let you down. Boasting a wide range of temperature control settings, a stealth mode and preheat options, it allows you customize each hit according to your precise preferences.

The GS Juni Tank that comes with this kit ensures that each pull delivers delicious flavor and tons of vapor. This bottom-filling tank can hold 2mL of e-liquid. You can play around with different airflow options to further customize your vaping experience.

The eLeaf Kiya 50W GS Juni Kit is an excellent choice for vapers who want a portable device without losing the ability to play around with tons of advanced settings.

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