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Check Out The New Aspire Cleito RTA Head

Posted by David on

Aspire Cleita RBA Head

If you’re searching for a replacement head for your Aspire Celito tanks, then the AspireCleito RTA Head is exactly what you need. It allows for awesome airflow, thus creating intense vapor cloud production as well as lifting your favorite  vape juice flavors from The Vape Mall to the next level of vaping pleasure.

There are 6 parts to the Cleito RTA Head that we’ll briefly breakdown:

  • Top Hardware – Where everything is kept together in one piece as well as allowing the airflow to circulate properly with the rest of the parts.
  • Chimney - Vertically positions micro coil and allows the airflow to circulate through the head and device.
  • Dual Velocity Style Posts – 2 holes and 2 slots on each post, and the posts themselves are poised on the outer edge of the deck. This makes it easier for builders out there as well to use this RTA head.
  • Pre-Installed Clapton Coils – Makes it easier to allow the juice flow properly by heating up just right as these coils have 0.35 Ohms – 0.45 Ohms.
  • RTA Deck – Where the builder can wick while still enjoying the RTA Head’s capability.
  • RTA Adapter – Allows you different flavor results and to lower things such as MOD’s power consumption and even e-liquid use.

Now, as we just mentioned earlier, airflow located near the base of the RTA system permits for airflow to sprint past your coils for extremely nice clouds of vapor. With the alternative to now install your preference builds, the Cleito RTA Head is taking not just your e-juices, but your overall vaping experience to the next level.

So overall, the air flow is top-notch, it wicks nicely, and Cleito RTA Head produces a nice amount of vapor. It also helps that the velocity posts and the big deck are very easy to work with.

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