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Best 2021 E-Liquids to Be Thankful for at The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is coming up soon? It feels like we only celebrated Halloween a week ago, doesn’t it? Well, now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we are all looking forward to having a day or two off when we can enjoy some quality time with loved ones and savor the richest and most delicious food that comes with the season.

Speaking of rich and delicious, there are some awesome Thanksgiving-like e-liquids that you can experience at The Vape Mall. In fact, vaping any of these tempting delights will help you get the most pleasure out of this holiday by tantalizing you with seasonal delicacies.

Thanksgiving E-Liquid Flavor #4: Hazel Nut Coffee

Sometimes you need a pick-me up on Thanksgiving morning before getting down to cooking and such. A Hazel Nut Coffee e-liquid is perfect thanks to that mixture of hazelnuts and dark notes coffee beans that will have you feeling euphoric instantly.

On the inhale, you’ll savor those nutty notes that swirl around the tongue, followed by richness that’s nothing short of sublime. The exhale provides you with that java sweetness that keeps things nice and balanced as you take another hit.

Thanksgiving E-Liquid Flavor #3: Dutch Apple Pie

If there is one thing we look forward to each Thanksgiving, it’s a selection of pies to savor following a big turkey dinner. Dutch Apple Pie is the perfect vape for those moments when the cravings really kick in, offering layers of buttery crust and sweet, slow-cooked apples.

When you pull in the vapor, you’ll get the sweet apple taste with notes of warm cinnamon and rich butter. The exhale leaves you with a flaky crust that makes the mouth water.

Thanksgiving E-Liquid Flavor #2: Eggnog

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season, and there’s no better holiday beverage than eggnog, with its rich and custardy flavor. Eggnog is a perfect replica of this beloved treat, and you can vape it all day long without taking in all of those calories.

Eggnog starts off with a rich and creamy vanilla flavor that soaks into every taste bud. Finally, a hint of nutmeg along with a velvety finish makes it all worthwhile.

Thanksgiving E-Liquid Flavor #1: Pumpkin Pie

Nothing beats that delicious fall desert topped off with whipped cream. But, if you can’t wait to head over to the local bakery, or if you forgot to get one on Thanksgiving, try vaping Pumpkin Pie e-juice. It’s got the same combination of velvety pumpkin pie filling and a flaky, buttery crust, ensuring that each puff tastes just like a mouthful of the real thing.

Get treated to the pumpkin’s richness which is complemented by a balanced level of sweetness. Delicious spices and creaminess start to swirl around the palate, making your senses feel gratified. That magnificent crust acts as the perfect finish.

Allow The Vape Mall Bring Some Thanksgiving Vapes to Your Home

There are plenty of things to be thankful this year. Spending time with family again, maintaining good health, and just being happy and successful. So, this Thanksgiving, treat yourself to some amazing e-juice crafted by The Vape Mall. We carry a vast selection of absolutely sensational e-liquids that will satisfy all of your Thanksgiving cravings.

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