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Beginner’s Guide to Vaping: The Extra Tank

Posted by David on

The world of vaping is full of special practices that will ultimately add to the quality of the experience and your overall enjoyment. In addition to researching all the details of necessary paraphernalia, maintenance and care, there are some simple good practices that can lengthen the longevity of your set of vape equipment and keep you safe from the foul odors and flavors that can come from various rookie errors.

In this article, we will discuss the practice of carrying or at least owning an extra vape tank on hand. The reason for this is essentially convenience. A well-practiced vaping enthusiast can easily deplete an entire vaping tank each day and having a second one on hand can keep things flowing and vaping in a comfortable and consistent fashion.

Many classy and sophisticated vaping enthusiasts recommend having three tanks on hand. The task of properly cleaning and filling a single tank requires a bit of practice and attention to get right. Performing the process two at a time is simply more convenient and practical.

But, beyond practicality, there are some other reasons that a vaper will choose to carry two or more tanks with them to support their habit.

Keeping the flavors distinct and defined is the first reason to carry various tanks. Switching around flavors is half the fun of the vaping practice and there is really an amazing selection to choose from. This can also lead to a problem. Many first-time vapers will deplete a tank of one flavored e-juice and then refill the tanks with another flavor and instantly start puffing away. This can result is a rotten flavor and odd smelling vapor. This is usually a one-time mistake as the problem is easily recognized and avoided in the future.

But, if you would like to swap out flavors on the fly, having an extra tank filled and prepared with your next flavorful vaping adventure is the way to go. This way the depleted tank can be properly cleaned, maintained and refilled when you have a chance to perform this operation. Of course, some vaping varieties will getter a better taste of flavors by re-wicking the RDA.

Cleaning the tanks of your vaping set is also the hygienic way to operate and increases the longevity of your apparatus. Finally, if you are a fan of a great selection of flavors you will find that reserving a specific tank for each flavor allows for superior flavor distinction -- and good flavor distinction is what vaping is all about.

Another advantage of keeping extra tanks at the ready has to do with your specific vaping preferences. Sub-ohming has become a much sought after and misunderstood trend in the vaping world. If you are equipped with a sub-ohming vaping device, you may want to carry the specially designed sub-ohming tank with you. Then if you’d like to switch back to regular cloud chasing you can simply restore the original tank.

There is an important point to keep in mind when using a variety of different tanks. It is important to make sure the e-liquid you are using with the tank is not damaging the tank materials. Certain e-liquids must be used with special tanks to avoid damage and possible health hazards. It is simple to avoid this error; simply research the PG/VG ratios of the e-liquids and tanks you are purchasing. You should also research the wattage of your device and how this affects the dynamics of vaping.

The final reason an extra tank can improve the quality of your vaping experience has to do with the capacity of the tank to carry e-liquids. If you have advanced in the vaping echelons, vaping heavily and able to complete an entire tank after a couple of hours of cloud chasing, then an extra-large tank is what your need to.

You can begin by purchasing a single extra-large extra tank accompany to accompany the tank you already own. If this is not enough, or you can find a special offer on two large tanks, and two good-sized extras should cover your needs.

By the same measure, if you are doing some heavy vaping but also like the variety of flavors that we find in the e-juice market you may get the same results or better by carrying more tanks of various flavors. Furthermore, smaller tanks have an undeniably attractive look, or you can choose the larger tank types.

Nevertheless, the final goals of vaping are individual and usually align to personal enjoyment in some way or another. It will be important to find the best style, flavor selection, and tanks size for you.

As you can see, the vaping experience is full of small best practices and vaping-styles that lead to the best experience for the individual. The best way to begin the journey is by leaving your options as open as you can and finding how your cloud chasing fits into your lifestyle. One final note when buying and carrying spare tanks, you will want to be sure that the spare tanks fits the device you have.

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