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A Nice Coil Builder's Choice: SMOK TFV COIL

Posted by David on


The SMOK TFV Coil is a great piece for custom builds and MODs, but is still standard enough to be widely compatible. SMOK's newest line of coils contains a lot of power and multiple options for veteran vapers.

Perhaps the most unique of the TFV coils is the TF-F6, which actually has a sextuple coil head. SMOK's quad-coil head has been a popular option for a high-powered MOD, and with the sextuple coil they go a step beyond that. The new coil provides all the power expected with immediate, flavorful vapor clouds. Newer vapers should remember that this increased power will also increase the amount of juice used, which may make the sextuple head impractical for daily use.

The other SMOK TFV coils are of the same high quality that SMOK fans are used to, and they have a great variety for experienced builders. Vapers can choose from coils with lower wattage for a cooler vaping experience or coils that’re optimized for efficient juice usage.

Though the SMOK TFV coils are at the higher end of competitive pricing, their high quality makes the price worthwhile. The coils all have organic cotton wicks, and many offer a flavored vaping experience. The patented Clapton Core of the coils is designed to maximize contact between the wick and the juice to increase flavor and vapor production. Regardless of the SMOK build chosen, these new cores produce great vapor from the first inhale.

The high quality Nickel and Titanium wires used to gauge the coil temperature are another example of the great workmanship of these coils. The wires are compatible, of course, with SMOK's CUBE II MOD and the coil's double-layered design reduces heat on the mouthpiece for a more enjoyable experience.

Some high-powered coils ruin the strong vaping experience with poor airflow. SMOK has gone the opposite direction and created coils with a great, adjustable draw that allows experienced vapers to really tailor their experience to their own preferences.

The SMOK TFV Coil is an essential component for experienced builders looking to add a high quality piece. The new SMOK line is a great selection of powerful, modifiable coils with some unique options that can't be found elsewhere.

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