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A Few Quick Tips and Tricks for Steeping Your E-Liquid

Posted by David on

Ejuice Steeping

To some out there, one of the best kept secrets of the vaping world lies in the e-liquid. Each vape juice is made of a different chemical makeup, and that exact chemistry is what gives unique flavors. However, over time these flavors can settle or rise to the top of e-liquid, resulting in tastes becoming unmixed and blander. Or in a new fresh bottle of ejuice the flavors may not have fully matured and blended together yet. The most effective way to restore and rejuvenate a flavor is by stepping your e-juice a technique becoming more common.

Here, we’ll give you a few quick awesome tips and tricks for steeping your e-liquid to maximize the essential flavors of the juice.

Doing a background check on your liquid is a good place to start. You see, some vape juices that’re commonly sold may not even need to be steeped, as they may come pre-steeped by the supplier. Fresh eliquid may or may not need to be steeped depending on the flavor. Asking your supplier if their juices is made fresh or pre-steeped is always a good thing to do and neither is better than the other as it is more of a personal preference as to which juice you may like. Some juices tastes better fresh than steeped and vice versa. 

One trick is to make sure you steep your liquid in a glass bottle (if it’s a UV bottle, even better). Steeping liquids in a plastic bottle will not allow as much heat to be retained during the steep. However many people find that their liquid has no difference in taste between a glass or plastic bottle. Often times this can depend on the flavor itself. 

When it comes to steeping techniques, a few common processes are used. The easiest and simplest of these is just to remove any excess sealing plastic and cap before storing the liquid bottle in a cool, dry, and clean area for a few days. This allows oxygen to circulate in the e-liquid, bringing out those flavors and allowing chemical bonding to occur. Another common method is the water method. Make sure your liquid is in a glass bottle, and fill a pan, pot, or other container with extremely warm water to the point where just over half of the bottle will be submerged. Once again, remove the bottle’s cap, and place it in the water. Let it sit until the water is room temperature, and follow the first method mentioned above. Be sure the vape juice doesn't fall over or you will have just wasted your juice. This technique allows for the atoms and molecules in the e-liquid to move and bond more due to the above average amount of heat they are exposed to. This in turn lets more flavors bond and become prevalent in the liquid. Ultar sonic cleaners are more of  a fast way to steep but some people find that the flavors do not mature enough by using them.

If you’ve never steeped an e-liquid before, be sure to try it. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised at how vibrant all of the flavors are. Prepping your e-liquids this way can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, however the rewards are easy to obtain. Your experience with vaping will increase once you’ve followed the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned above.

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