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Which CBD Method Should You Choose?

Posted by David on

The CBD market keeps growing due to its huge popularity, which means that today, more products are available than ever before. This is great for hemp users who desire options, or those who wish to take a number of different administration methods throughout the day in order to address specific areas. But, for the beginner, it can be intimidating. After all, you can’t blame a new hemp user for not knowing the difference between ingesting CBD candies and vaping hemp e-liquid.

If you’re struggling to determine the best method for you, allow us to help. Today, we will be talking about each unique delivery method, how it works with your body and what you can expect as a user. This way, you’ll be well on your way to starting a hemp regimen with your unique needs and preferences in mind.


These extremely popular among hemp users as they allow for a person to receive the compounds in hemp via the digestive system. First, the CBD is ingested, and then it has to work through the entire digestive tract. Then, it’s processed by the liver, which allows the compounds to reach the bloodstream at last.

Edibles are known for taking the longest period of time before those compounds peak in the system. Many report that the compounds aren’t active for about one to two hours. However, once they are activated, users tend to report peak levels for hours at a time. This is one reason why edibles are so popular – they allow people to experience the effects of CBD for a uniquely long period.

CBD edibles come in many forms, but the most popular of all is gummy candy. Most of us have fond memories of eating delicious fruity gummies like there was no such thing as cavities. Well, thanks to the hemp industry, we can treat ourselves to this taste once again while giving our body the compounds found in the hemp plant.

Edibles also come in other forms, including hard candies, dried fruit snacks, baked goods, capsules and even beverages.


Topicals are CBD products that are absorbed into the skin rather than consumed internally. These come in highly absorbent formulas that massage into the skin easily. What’s unique about CBD and other hemp compounds is that they’re highly efficient when it comes to passing through the skin’s several layers and reaching the muscular and joint tissue quickly. And, we now know that there are cannabinoid receptors within the skin that respond to cannabinoid application.

CBD topicals come in all different kinds of forms, and this category of products is always expanding due to its increasing level of popularity among consumers. First, we had CBD creams, salves, gels and massage oils. Now, this market has expanded to include bath bombs, adhesive patches, shampoo and conditioner products, beard care products, foot creams, lip balms and so much more.

If you are someone who wishes to use CBD for a localized area, topicals may be your best bet. Due to the fact that you’re applying the CBD directly to the affected area, you may experience better results due to the fact that the compounds are not getting evenly dispersed throughout the body.


Now, let’s talk about sublingual administration. When we discuss this delivery method, we’re talking about oral tinctures. Oral tinctures come in bottles with dropper caps. The CBD formula consists of hemp extract as well as a carrier oil, and sometimes flavoring additives as well that can be natural or artificial in nature.

This is a unique method because rather than being ingested, the hemp compounds are absorbed via the sublingual tissue. This is the tissue that’s directly beneath the tongue, and it’s very efficient at absorbing those compounds quickly. The tincture is poured out beneath the tongue and held there for up to sixty seconds. Then, what remains is swallowed.

Tinctures are very popular, primarily due to the fact that they offer the best of both worlds: fast absorption and long-lasting activation. The fast absorption comes from the nature of the sublingual tissue, while the long-lasting activation is caused by the way in which the hemp absorbs into the body using this method. Tinctures are also great for those who are just starting out because it’s easy to control one’s dosage level. A single dropper counts for a dose, and they come in a variety of milligram strengths.


Vaping CBD will never go out of style as it has its own unique abilities. Vaping is the most fast-acting method due to the way in which the compounds absorb quickly when inhaled into the lungs. This means that people can get a dose of CBD and feel its activation within minutes. Of course, the activation is more short-lived, but it’s felt more potently due to the nature of this absorption method.

You can vape CBD in a number of ways these days. One way is to buy a disposable CBD e-cigarette that contains CBD e-liquid already in it. This is the most user-friendly method, but often the most expensive as well. Then, you can buy a vaping device and purchase pre-filled cartridges that are replaced when the e-liquid runs out. Lastly, you can buy a CBD vaping set that comes with a refillable tank or cartridge, and consistently buy bottles of CBD-infused vape juice.


Smoking CBD is less popular than the other methods, but we expect it to become more popular over the next year as CBD flower is becoming a more and more in-demand item on the market. Smoking CBD requires that you purchase CBD flower, which is simply the flowers that are picked off of the hemp plant. This is hemp in its purest form as it has not been run through an extraction method that consists of heat and pressure applied to the delicate compounds. Smoking CBD can be done using papers or a pipe, and many find that this method is highly potent due to the bioavailability of the compounds when consumed using this process.

Choice is Yours

As you can see, each CBD method has its own unique absorption rate into the body, and its own length of time during which those compounds peak in the system. Use this guide to figure out which method best appeals to you and buy your hemp goodies accordingly. And remember that no matter which method you choose, you should make sure that the CBD products that you end up buying come from a trusted source and are high in quality.

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