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What Makes an RDTA an RDTA?

Posted by David on

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer

RDTAs have taken the vaping industry by storm. While the technology behind them is not new, the ingenious ways designers and engineers have managed to mesh all the parts into a manageable package is certainly new.

Up until recently, vapers did not demand too much from their vaping devices. Simply having good, reliable e-liquid flavors that’re able to be safely and easily vaped was the most important focus. However, vaping slowly grew a less casual side. Competitive vaping came around, in which vapers held tournaments and shows to see who could blow the biggest cloud. YouTube videos of cloud tricks and huge clouds showed up, and kept gaining millions of views. As the culture shifted, vapers demanded more from their devices. They needed more airflow, they needed more tank space, and they overall needed more power.

To keep up with these demands, the RDTA was created. RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. RDTAs are fit into the subcategory of RBAs, or ReBuildable Atomizer. RBAs can be deconstructed and reconstructed, allowing for deep cleaning and easy refilling. Prior to RDTAs, the tank had to be re-dripped every two seconds due to the amazingly small capacity for vape juice. With the advent of the RDTA, this ceased to be. The new invention had the capacity of a true tank with all the capabilities that dripping atomizers had, and no constant inconvenience of re-dripping all the time included.

The technology works by allowing e-juice to drip onto the wick via a simple press on the drip tip. Also known as an automatic dripper, the RDTA utilizes the downward pressure applied to create a channel for liquid to saturate the wick. This gives every single hit that perfect saturation and the exquisite amount of vapor every single time. Furthermore, there is tons of space to build up from the base. This space still persists even with the huge tanks offered in most RDTAs.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers absolutely live up to the hype. Offering the best options at competitive prices, RDTAs are certainly the future of vaping. Make sure what you’re looking at is able to be rebuilt from the deck up and has the e-juice capacity that a normal tank would have, and you’ve got yourself a great new RDTA ready to use.

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