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Posted by David on

Fans of sweet and savory desserts will fall in love with Vanilla Southern vape juice by The Vape Mall. The blend of creamy vanilla and gooey caramel is a classic flavor combination that never fails to uplift the spirits while elating the sweet tooth. With every puff, decadent swirls of flavor will make your deepest dessert fantasies come to life.

Vanilla Southern Vape Juice by The Vape Mall

The geniuses behind The Vape Mall's line of e-liquids have outdone themselves with Vanilla Southern vape juice. This simple yet intensely flavorful vape juice is rich, sweet and slightly savory, guaranteeing a mouth-watering vape that you'll never be able to put down. With every pull, luxurious vanilla cream and seductive caramel will make you feel like you're treating yourself to your favorite Southern dessert.

When you inhale Vanilla Southern ejuice by The Vape Mall, the warm and sensual flavor of pure vanilla makes your tongue salivate with satisfaction. As the flavor becomes sweeter, the savory notes of caramel begin to develop on the tip of the tongue. On the exhale, the caramel and vanilla sing together in harmony as your taste buds swim in rich and luscious cream.

About The Vape Mall

Vanilla Southern e-liquid by The Vape Mall can be purchased in a variety of nicotine strengths, bottle sizes and mixes. Each bottle is filled to order so that you can enjoy a remarkably fresh and delicious flavor. All ingredients used to create Vanilla Southern vape juice are of a food grade quality and are manufactured in the United States. Vanilla Southern e-liquid is made in a professional and clean manufacturing facility.

Get Your Dessert Fix

Who can turn down the flavor combination of vanilla and caramel? Now, thanks to The Vape Mall, you can get your dessert fix at any time of the day without the shame.

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