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Top 5 Mints & Menthol E-Liquids from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Whether it's the hottest day of summer or the coldest day of winter, there's something uniquely satisfying about ice-cold mint. That chilly breeze can refresh us like no other flavor can.

When you explore the selection of vape juice flavors at The Vape Mall, you'll find a wide variety of menthol flavors that satisfy with icy splendor. Below, you'll find the five best mint & menthol e liquid flavors that The Vape Mall has to offer.

Mint & Menthol E-Liquid Flavor #5: Diamond Ice

Diamond Ice vape juice is a sweet and minty treat that's like those tiny white mints that make the whole mouth feel tingly fresh. If you love mint but don't want something that's as intense as pure menthol, this is the vape juice flavor for you. Each hit refreshes you without overwhelming your palate. On the inhale, Diamond Ice e-juice delivers a smooth, minty flavor that has a candy-like taste. The minty flavor becomes a bit more intense as the vapor sits on the tongue. Every exhale delivers a pleasant dose of sweetness before a cool breeze passes across the mouth.

Mint & Menthol E-Liquid Flavor #4: Grape Ice

Grape Ice vape juice is a refreshing blend of juicy purple grapes and chilly menthol. The grape flavor has an almost candy-like taste thanks to intense sweetness that's perfectly balanced out by the cool menthol taste. The grape flavor quenches your thirst while the menthol revitalizes you on a hot day. Each inhale of Grape Ice e-juice soaks your taste buds with fresh grape juice. At first, the tangy notes are prominent. Then, the sweetness dominates. The grape juice flows down the throat to kill your thirst before the icy breeze of menthol cools off your tongue.

Mint & Menthol E-Liquid Flavor #3: Extreme Ice

If you crave the most intense menthol imaginable, Extreme Ice vape juice from The Vape Mall is for you. Every hit is like a gusty wind of pure ice. The frostiness of this menthol flavor is guaranteed to cool you down no matter how hot it is outside. Simply put, you'll never vape a menthol flavor that's more powerful than this one. You can vape it on its own or add it to any e-juice to give it a punch of chilly goodness. On the inhale, Extreme Ice e-juice chills your mouth with the taste of fresh mint leaves. The minty flavor becomes more intense as the vapor soaks into your tongue. Every exhale chills you with extremely intense menthol flavor.

Mint & Menthol E-Liquid Flavor #2: Cucumber Mint

Cucumber Mint vape juice is a refreshing all-day vape for summertime. The blend of cool cucumber and cold mint flavors creates a rejuvenating experience for your senses. Every hit is soothing to the throat and revitalizing to the palate. When you inhale Cucumber Mint e-juice, cool cucumber juice runs across the tongue with its soothing taste. The cucumber's subtle sweetness comes through as the juice drips down the throat. Every exhale spritzes the palate with minty goodness that's subtle yet flavorful.

Mint & Menthol E-Liquid Flavor #1: Caribbean Cool

Caribbean Cool vape juice is a tropical fruit blend that's enhanced by cool mint leaves. This fruity treat cools you off and refreshes your palate like crazy. Every flavor component adds something uniquely special to the overall vaping experience. When you inhale Caribbean Cool e-juice, pineapple juice soaks your mouth with tang and sweetness before a rush of coconut cream trickles down the palate. The exhale is a blend of creamy bananas and cool mint.

Grab These Minty Vape Flavors Today!

These minty & menthol-infused flavors from The Vape Mall will cool you down with exhilarating flavor.

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