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Top 5 Drinks/Beverage Flavors from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Who doesn't love a smooth and refreshing drink/beverage flavor? At The Vape Mall, you'll find a beverage-inspired vape juice to satisfy every craving. From rich creamy eggnog to a fusion of rejuvenating tropical juices, we have it all.

Below, you'll find the top five beverage-inspired vape juice flavors that are available:

Drink/Beverage Flavor #5: Eggnog

A smooth, luxuriously rich flavor that tastes exactly like a glass of eggnog. Whenever you take a pull of this e-liquid, you'll feel a sense of holiday cheer as the comforting taste takes over your palate. A hint of nutmeg adds to the authenticity of this vape juice flavor. The inhale washes over the tongue with its custard-like taste. Rich egg yolks make this flavor luxurious. A hint of smooth vanilla and a dusting of warm nutmeg tickle the taste buds before the eggnog's unbelievable creaminess drenches your mouth on the exhale.

Drink/Beverage Flavor #4: Ecto Cooler

A sweet and citrusy fruit juice that's as bright and cheery as the sun. Zesty orange juice dominates, refreshing you like crazy. The extra dose of sugary sweetness makes you feel like you're sipping on your favorite juice box from childhood through a little red straw. Each inhale invigorates the palate with zesty citrus notes. Orange juice bathes the tongue while other citrus flavors splatter on the taste buds. The juice quenches your thirst before the sugary finish works its magic on the exhale.

Drink/Beverage Flavor #3: Citrus Slam

A remarkably balanced and complex blend of mango juice, grapefruit juice and a few other fruits that add delicious tang. The sweetness of the mango mellows out the tartness of the grapefruit flavor perfectly. Every hit will refresh you on a hot summer day. As you inhale, the bright grapefruit taste makes your mouth water thanks to its delicious acidity. The grapefruit flavor mellows out as a rush of fresh mango juice teases the palate with its tropical taste. On the exhale, you'll notice other fruity flavors that satisfy.

Drink/Beverage Flavor #2: Citrus Burst

A blend of tangerine and orange juices. The tangerine juice adds extra zest to the flavor profile while the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice satisfies you like a big glass of the real thing. The sweetness of this flavor is just right, satisfying you without taking away from the sharp and bright citrus flavor. The inhale tickles your tongue with the sharp acidity of juicy tangerines. Then, refreshing orange juice washes over the taste buds with its comforting flavor. When you exhale, the fruity taste becomes sweeter.

Drink/Beverage Flavor #1: Caribbean Cool

A tropical beverage that consists of smooth coconut milk, tangy pineapple juice and a creamy banana puree. Like a refreshing smoothie, this flavor hits the spot no matter what time of day it is. Each inhale of Caribbean Cool tantalizes you with juicy pineapple flavor. The tang makes way for sweetness as the sugary taste of ripe bananas lands on the palate. On the exhale, creamy coconut milk soaks every taste bud. Now that’s cool.

Grab These Flavors Today!

These 5 beverage-inspired e-liquid flavors will satisfy your thirst while providing you with outstanding clouds and vapor production.

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