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Top 3 Replacement Pods at The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

By now, it's clear that pod systems aren't going anywhere. These portable, user-friendly vaping devices have revolutionized the vaping industry by allowing vape enthusiasts to enjoy high nicotine levels without any hassle whatsoever. 

If you use an open pod system, we suggest that you invest in replacement pods. By having multiple cartridges, you can switch between flavors within seconds. Today, we'll be discussing the very best replacement pods that you can buy at The Vape Mall.

#3: Aspire Breeze 2 Replacement Pod

This one is known for its reliable technology and long-lasting construction. It's also known for its uniquely large juice capacity, capable of holding 3mL of salt-based nicotine e-liquid. When you purchase the Breeze 2 Replacement Pod, you can choose between three resistance levels. This allows you to select a coil based on your unique vaping preferences.

#2: SMOK Rolo Badge 2 Ml Replacement Pod

It has an extremely user-friendly design that includes easy refilling and simple installation. Capable of holding 2mL of nicotine salt e-juice, this pod has a large capacity. Plus, there’s a horizontal atomizer that provides you with a consistently tasty flavor and surprisingly thick vapor. When you purchase the Rolo Badge Replacement Cartridge, you’ll receive a pack of three replacement pods. You can choose from a wide range of colors to customize the look of your vaping setup.

#1: SMOK FIT 2 Ml Replacement Pod

Boasts a unique design that brings the richness and complexity out of any nic salt e-liquid that you choose to vape. An easy refilling method lets you pour the juice into the pod without worrying about making a mess. This replacement pod is made with exceptional materials to provide you with a flawless vaping experience. You'll receive three 2mL replacement pods for your SMOK FIT Portable Pod System.

Grab These Replacement Pods Today

Simply put, they are the best of the best. If you want to enjoy the most sublime vaping experience possible, grab any of these and you won't be sorry.

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