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Top 3 Memorial Day E-Liquids from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Memorial Day weekend have arrived at last. While you spend those festive days with your loved ones beneath the hot sun, we recommend that you treat yourself to these tasty vape juices that help you get into the holiday spirit. By vaping these seasonal tastes, you'll be able to welcome the summer season in style.

Memorial Day E-Liquid #3: Boysenberry

Our favorite berry flavors ripen beneath the hot sun of summer. If you want to welcome the summer with the fresh taste of juicy, seasonal berries, this is exactly the flavor that you need. This tart, tangy and sweet berry will instantly make you feel like you're walking through an enchanted forest during the hot months of summer. Each inhale tantalizes your palate with refreshing, mouth-puckering tartness. As the tartness fades, the thirst-quenching tang for which this berry is known will satisfy you tremendously. When you exhale, the natural sugars of this berry make your sweet tooth dance with joy.

Memorial Day E-Liquid #2: Caribbean Cool

If you're going to be spending all day outdoors, you're going to need a serious thirst-quencher to beat the heat. This is the e-liquid for the job. Its flavor consists of creamy bananas, juicy pineapples and creamy coconut milk to satisfy in every way when you're feeling parched. As you inhale, that sharp tang from juicy, ripe pineapples instantly refreshes you. Then, the smooth taste of bananas swims across the taste buds with its delectable sweetness. As you exhale, a river of silky, creamy coconut milk enchants your palate beyond belief.

Memorial Day E-Liquid #1: BOOM

The perfect treat to enjoy at the end of your barbecue. Inspired by everyone's favorite striped icicle, this e-liquid flavor consists of fruity sherbet that cools you down while satisfying your taste buds. You'll feel like you're a kid again as you suck on this cold, refreshing and sweet delight. Each inhale provides you with the tart and sweet taste of cherry sherbet. Then, a ribbon of blueberry sherbet drifts over the tongue. As you exhale, the coconut flavor intoxicates you.

Grab These Memorial Day Vape Flavors Today!

These e-juices from The Vape Mall will satisfy all your cravings during your Memorial Day festivities.

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