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Top 3 Cherry-Inspired E-Liquids from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Do plump, sweet and juicy cherries make your mouth water? At The Vape Mall, you'll find an abundance of cherry-inspired treats that each pay tribute to that luscious fruit. Below, you'll discover our three very favorite cherry flavors that we have to offer.

#3: Cherry Cheesecake

A fruity and creamy dessert that's as decadent as can be. Luxuriously rich cheesecake is loaded with fresh, juicy cherries and poured into a buttery, sweet graham cracker crust. Every inhale slaps you with that tangy cream cheese flavor. The creaminess and richness of the cake become more and more intense as the cherries drip down the palate. The exhale hits the spot with that delectable graham cracker crust.

#2: Cherry Tobacco

Takes smooth, rich and nutty tobacco and infuses it with a blast of tart and sweet cherry flavor. It’s so layered and balanced that your mouth will be watering like crazy. At first, that splash of tart and tangy cherry flavor gets the saliva flowing. Then, the sweetness of the cherry interacts with the nuttiness of the tobacco. The tobacco flavor becomes richer and sweeter as the cherry flavor lingers. The exhale is as smooth as can be.

#1: Wild Cherry

Provides your thirsty palate with nothing but the smooth and luscious taste of freshly picked wild cherries. The ripeness of this flavor is flawless, giving you that initial burst of tartness before becoming dazzlingly sweet. Every inhale makes your mouth pucker slightly thanks to the tangy and tart taste of ripe cherries. The flavor becomes juicy and sweet on the exhale.

Grab These “Cherrylicious” Vape Flavors Today!

These e-liquids are guaranteed to satisfy your cherry cravings just like a big bowl of the real thing. Quite simply, there’s nothing like adding a cherry on top of each vape session.

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