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The New Aspire K3 Tank!

Posted by David on

Aspire K3 Tank

Despite the current sub-ohm vaping craze, many vapers continue to prefer devices and builds that allow great mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. While demand has glutted the market with impressive direct lung vaping devices, premium MTL devices have been harder to find. Aspire's new K3 tank fills the gap that MTL vaping fans have been looking for. It’s a clear step up from the norm, and gives vapers a serious tank to be paired with the device to begin experimenting with.

Building off of the same successful coils they used in the Nautilus and Triton Mini, the K3 tank includes an organic cotton BVC coil that produces a rich, authentic flavor. Unlike more powerful tanks, the K3 uses e-juice at a moderate, steady pace that keeps it from evaporating in a few satisfying clouds of vapor. The K3 is a standard 2.0ml tank made of durable Pyrex glass with a replaceable 510 connection drip tip. This makes it a great tank for vapers starting to experiment with individual builds.

Refill is completed easily by removing the base from the bottom of the tank. The tank size is an ideal combination of portability and convenience, and many users go several days between refills. The design of the tank makes it easy to keep an eye on how much juice is left. It measures only 55mm in length, and its 18mm top bore is perfect for a variety of standard mouthpiece options.

The Aspire K3 uses a 1.8-ohm BVC coil with a cotton wick to give each draw a strong, pure flavor. The coil is popular and convenient to replace and designed to maximize juice flow. The base of the tank includes four airflow vents that’re not adjustable, but are well-suited for new vapers. The K3 produces 1.8 ohms of resistance and is suitable with batteries that output 4.2-5.0V.

Aspire's K3 tank matches quality craftsmanship with power and enjoyable flavor. The device and the tank are the preferred choice for mouth-to-lung vaping and an essential component of any vaper’s collection.

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