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Posted by David on

Kanger Cupti

The Kanger CUPTI is one of the most fantastic all-in-one kits on the vaping market today. Designed for any type of vaper out there, the CUPTI allows for both mouth to lung type vapes and for direct to lung vapers. Its fantastic tank size and fiery power abilities give this device some amazing stats.

One of the best parts of this device is the built in temperature control system. Here, you can set your coil temperature to never go above a certain value, letting your favorite e-liquid show its true potential. While this may not sound too special, the extra features of this temperature control are what really sets it apart. Not only can the device temperature control for regular stainless steel or nickel coils, it can also set extremely accurate temperature control for NiChrome or even titanium coils. In essence, this temperature control system can work with whatever your vaping coil preferences are.

The CUPTI is made of a solid zin and aluminum alloy. It comes in a range of colors, from champagne (a gold-tinted white) and pink-tinged rose to bold red or even simple matte white. Including the drip tip, the CUPTI measures at 2” by 4” by 7/8”, meaning it snuggles into your hand while you’re using it. The “All In One” part of the title doesn’t lie, as the kit comes with a pre-installed 0.5 ohm atomizer head as well as an extra 1.5 ohm head. It also comes with an extra drip tip, and the micro USB cable for charging.

The device’s powerful stats don’t lie. Its wattage range boasts an impressive 7.0 to 75.0 Watt useable wattage, and its usable temperature range is from 200-600 F. Sub-ohming is no problem for this behemoth, as its lowest usable ohmage is a mere 0.15 ohms. With a tank that can hold up to 5 milliliters of vape juice, you’re definitely not going to run out in the middle of a session. Although the high ampere 18650 battery is sold separately, the built in micro USB charging port makes charging a breeze.

Simply plug it in for a few hours and it is ready to vape again!

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