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The Importance of Keeping a Clean Vaping Battery

Posted by David on

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For those who’re worried about germs, vapes can be pretty terrifying. From the mouthpiece that touches one of the most bacteria-laden parts of the human body to the battery that regularly comes in contact with the environment, vapes can harbor potentially harmful microscopic organisms. Furthermore, improper maintenance and dirty vape parts can decrease the lifespan and performance of vapes.

One of the segments of a vape that’s often forgotten when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene is the device’s battery. Since all it does is charge the actual vape and let it run correctly, the only thing vapers remember about the battery is that they need to let it recharge every once in a while. However, they often forget just how critical the connection between the battery and the rest of the vape is.

The connection that lies between the battery and the rest of the device is all that lets it function correctly. Power courses through that connection, converting itself to heat and then using that heat to turn e-liquid into flavorful vapor. If that connection gets too dirty, power will cease to run through the device. Leaky tanks can cause sticky vape juice to build up around the connection, keeping it from properly working. Dirty hands can cause grime to build up as well, and dropping your device can lead to the connection deforming or possibly even breaking. If the battery uses a USB port to charge, dirt and other materials can cause the USB to stop working entirely. This can lead to the battery not charging itself, meaning that your device is useless without a new battery. Fortunately, keeping your battery clean is fairly easy. With just a few tips that you follow every day, you can ensure that your battery will never fail due to dirt.

One general tip is to always wash your hands before vaping. This helps keep your battery clean in many different ways. The antibacterial soap we use when washing our hands gets rid of most if not all of the potentially harmful bacteria that could cling to vape parts. Soap and water also get rid of any dirt and grime on your hands, down to the microscopic particles that you may not be able to even see.

If you use an electric cigarette, then cleaning up your battery is fairly simple. Obtain a q-tip or cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. Gently wet the cotton and swab down the area where the battery connects to the tank or cartomizer. This should break down most of the buildup in that area. Check the air holes, and swab over those as well if you can see any visible buildup.

For portable vapes and vape pens the same cleaning techniques apply. Since connection ports are generally slightly bigger, you can upgrade that q-tip to wet wipes if you prefer to use those. With these devices, you’ll definitely want to clean out the air holes and posts with a toothpick or thumb tack. E-cigarettes limit airflow so they are less likely to be exposed to buildup, but vape pens and portable vapes do not. There’ll be significantly more buildup in these devices’ air intake areas.

MODs definitely need the most care, as they provide the most vapor and most battery strain of any device. However, rubbing alcohol and q-tips will definitely work just as well for the connections. Since batteries are a fairly large part of the surface area of a MOD, take the time to wipe down the outside of the battery with just a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol. Don’t touch any LED screens with the alcohol, and definitely don’t get any in the USB charging port. This light scrubbing will keep any harmful bacteria from touching your hands the next time you vape.

By washing your hands and cleaning out your connections every once in a while, you’ll be able to keep your battery working as if it was brand new. Don’t let bacteria or dirt cling to your battery and drag down its longevity. Keep these simple tips and you’ll be vaping for as long as possible with your favorite devices.

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