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The Different Vape Starter Kit Levels

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Starter Kits

Getting into vaping can be pretty difficult for someone new to the game. With countless new words floating around such e-liquid, MOD, and the always confusing set of nouns ending with -omizer, the lingo you will have to learn to just start understanding the vaping world is already daunting. However, vaping companies know how confusing the technology and words associated with the scene can be. Many create  starter kits, where every single part is optimized to create the simplest and most efficient setup for someone not as experienced in vaping.

Starter kits can belong to any class of vaping devices, whether a simple electronic cigarette starter kit for those transitioning into vaping from traditional smoking or a complex MOD starter kit for those beginning to dive into the more technical side of the industry. So where exactly do you start? It entirely depends on your level of expertise and how comfortable you are with the world of vaping. Though “starter” is in the name, don’t let that fool you. Each level of starter kit has its pros and cons, and each level is finely tuned to let the user delve into that device type as easily as possible.

For those switching into vaping for the first time, it probably makes sense to start with an e-cigarette starter kit. E-cigarettes are designed to give easy access into the world of vaping from the perspective of a traditional smoker. E-cigarette starter kits come with everything you need to start vaping almost immediately. Usually this just consists of the device itself, an appropriately sized battery, and a charger. Slightly more expensive but even more accessible kits will come with  vape juice, so it’s simply a fill-and-go system.

If you’ve been using an e-cigarette for a while and are hankering to try something new, then it’s time to use a portable vaporizer starter kit. Here, designs and devices start to become more customizable, and kits will showcase different aspects of the device. Most kits again will include a large battery and a clearomizer, but some will be single coil while others may be dual coil. Since portable vapes are currently the most popular type of vape, there will be some available in any color you can dream of. Furthermore, more advanced technologies are available in vape pens and portable vapes. Common features include variable voltage and variable wattage, allowing for the user to adjust the temperature to exactly what each e-liquid deserves.

The ultimate starter kit is the MOD kit. This type of kit is for those who are already fairly experienced with vaping, but don’t quite understand the ins and outs of tinkering with devices. Since MODs are inherently customized devices, coming up with a standard for MOD kits is difficult. Each kit will offer different parts and technologies. If you are at this level, you are probably able to deal with the vaping lingo and will deeply understand each part a kit includes. In general, these kits will include an extremely large tank for  e-liquid alongside a range of sub-ohm coils. Sometimes batteries will not be included since they are so large and require safety measures to ship correctly, but for the most part kits include batteries. Advanced technology such as temperature control and multiple airflow holes are fairly standard as well. MOD starter kits have more unique personalities based on the company selling and encourage users to add and subtract parts as they see fit.

Different kits have different personalities and you will know exactly what you want the second you set eyes on it. If you know your own personal level of vaping ability and how comfortable you are with trying new experiences, then you should easily be able to determine the correct level to begin with. From e-cigarette starter kits to advanced MOD kits, there are multiple factors to consider. it’s up to you how you’ll get started at each individual level, and whether those kits will propel you to customize your own devices and dive into this fulfilling hobby.

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