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The Amazing Menthol Combinations!

Posted by David on

Is there anything more invigorating and rejuvenating than a fresh, powerful blast of icy menthol? At the Vape Mall, we understand that many of our customers crave that cold kick of ice when they vape. Hence, we have gone to great lengths in order to provide vapers with a huge selection of menthol-infused treats.

You might be wondering why our menthol flavors seem to satisfy more than most. We’re going to break down what it is about our menthol blends that take care of those cravings on a whole new level. We’re also going to get into what it is about menthol that’s so special to vapers.

The Power of Menthol

Menthol is a plant compound that comes from the mint family. When menthol is isolated from the rest of the plant material, we end up with a remarkably potent substance that cools everything that it comes into contact with without actually altering temperature. In fact, menthol is often used as a numbing agent in topical pain creams because of how amazingly powerful it is.

When we vape menthol, it creates a purely enjoyable and incredibly refreshing vaping experience. It also has the unique ability to punch the back of the throat on the inhale, providing vapers with a satisfying and exhilarating sensation whenever they take a puff.

Different Ways to Get Your Menthol Fix

Menthol is unique in that it seems to complement virtually every flavor profile on the planet. Both sweet and savory flavors benefit from the hint of iciness that menthol provides. Additionally, menthol tends to enhance the flavors of tobacco, creams, fruits, candies, custards, beverages and more.

How the Vape Mall Does Menthol Blends So Well

At the Vape Mall, we’re known for our menthol blends. As you explore our selection of menthol-infused e-liquids, you’ll be blown away by the variety of flavors that we have to offer.

Excellent Ingredients

The perfect menthol blend starts with the best ingredients that money can buy. We proudly use food-grade menthol that has a clean, smooth and soothing flavor. We also recognize that all of the other flavoring ingredients have to be exceptional in order to satisfy our customers’ palates.

Expert Blending

Menthol can be quite a potent substance, meaning that good blending skills are required. Our team of flavor experts know how to blend pure menthol with other tastes in order to produce a well-rounded, perfectly balanced flavor profile.

Careful Testing and Tweaking

Before a new menthol flavors hits our catalog, it is repeatedly tested and tweaked. This ensures that each flavor we have in our inventory is as good as it gets.

Amazing Variety

You’ll be dazzled by the wide selection of menthol flavors that we offer. We have several straightforward menthol flavors in varying levels of intensity. We also enjoy combining fresh menthol with juicy fruits. However, one of our best-selling menthol-infused treats is inspired by an iconic mint-flavored liquor.

Satisfy Your Menthol Cravings at The Vape Mall

If you’re wild about cold menthol, you’ll adore our collection of menthol-flavored vape juices.

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