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Temp Control Is Where It’s At

Posted by David on

Temp Control Mod

Have you ever pulled from your MOD and gotten a horrible tasting, dry hit from it? Or perhaps your device itself is getting too hot after your regular vaping session? Then it’s probably time to look into getting a temperature control system, one of the most technologically advanced features on the market today.

When vaping engineers were looking at how much resistance changed during vape pulls, they thought that there must be a better way to maintain temperature than what was on the market at the time. It took a while to brainstorm, but these savvy designers figured out that quick resistance measurements would allow quick calculations to determine the heat of the metal in the vape. This heat in turn would feed back into the calculations, making sure the temperature stayed exactly at the specified level through micro adjustments to the power.

The first thing to look into is exactly how temperature control works. Once you understand the concepts behind the process, then figuring out just how useful it is becomes very easy. Temperature control features let the user control a locked-in temperature before even turning on the battery. This preset temperature, usually controllable in Fahrenheit or Celsius, acts as a hard lock that keeps the temperature from exceeding the value. By doing this, no matter what your vaping style is, the temperature will not change.

Temperature control in MODs can be sort of like the cruise control on your car. By giving some control back to your vape, your micro tasking will be able to be substantially reduced. This also makes your vaping experience much safer. By setting that locked temperature, you actually can keep the battery from overheating. Overheated batteries will usually discharge faster than regular batteries, and in extreme cases could even cause battery leakage or even explosion. In fact, any device that uses nickel or titanium coils absolutely needs the technology, as these types of coils are used at low resistances and heat up the battery as well. Fortunately, temperature control keeps any of that from happening.

The feature also prevents one of the worst thing known to vapers today - dry hits. If you’ve ever pulled from a dry or burnt out wick, you know exactly how bad the e-liquid tastes. Your mouth instantly turns sour, and the vaping session is pretty much instantly ruined. By limiting the temp and by keeping it constant, the fear of getting that dry hit (or that burnt hit) is gone. You’ll never have to taste that terrible taste again! Furthermore, you can determine the exact temperature that an e-liquid is most flavorful at. Rather than specifying every detail on a non-temperature controlled device, you can just mark down the temperature for that e-juice and move on.

Temperature control is certainly a transformative aspect of the vaping experience. By locking down that temperature, many problems vapers and their MODs had are solved. From dry wicks to burnt wicks, and even overheated batteries, everything goes away with the simple implementation of a new technology. When you move from e-cigarettes or regular vape pens to MODs, it’s imperative to make sure you get temperature control for the optimal vaping experience.

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