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Can Your Freebase E-Juice Flavor Change During a Vape Session?

Posted by David on

Have you ever been enjoying a nice, long sub-ohm vape session, only to find that suddenly, your e-liquid tastes totally different than it did just five minutes ago? While you may think that your taste buds are deceiving you, the truth is that this occurrence isn’t as uncommon as you may think. A juice changing its flavor profile on you can happen for a number of reasons, and fortunately, there are several things that you can do to remedy this situation.

Why Does This Happen?

Freebase e-liquid consists of four ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and flavoring. It’s the flavoring in that liquid that’s making it taste so good, and usually, many flavoring agents go into creating a single flavor. Each flavoring agent has its own unique flavor profile that gives you different flavor notes. For instance, one flavoring agent may be sweet while the other is sour.

There are a several reasons why an e-juice can suddenly taste very different during a single vape session. You’ll discover these reasons below.

Reason #1: The E-Liquid Has Separated

Sometimes, different flavoring agents have different densities, which means that some flavoring agents sink to the bottom of the tank while others stay at the top. This means that your e-liquid has separated, and you’re only getting some of those flavoring agents when you pull on your device to take a puff.

Reason #2: Didn’t Clean Out the Last E-Juice in the Tank Properly

Another thing that can throw off the flavor is not cleaning out your tank properly between each time you refill it with e-juice. For instance, if you were vaping a sour apple e-liquid, and then you switched to a vanilla custard liquid, you would likely get some notes of sour apple in that vanilla custard unless you thoroughly cleaned the tank out. Sometimes, you won’t taste that old vape flavor until your juice level is very low.

Reason #3: Coil Needs to Be Replaced

Your coil has a large impact on the way your e-juice tastes, and if your coil is old, its functionality will be inconsistent. This means that your flavor will be inconsistent as well.

Reason #4: Changed Your Output Settings

Different output settings bring out different flavor notes in an e-liquid’s flavor profile. So, if you changed your temperature or wattage settings mid-vaping session, the flavor may taste a bit different all of a sudden.

Reason #5: You Have Vaper’s Tongue

Once in a while, your flavor may taste different because you developed vaper’s tongue, which is a condition in which your taste buds stop perceiving the complexity of your vape juice’s flavor profile due to overstimulation.

Ways to Make Your E-Liquid Taste Normal Again

Now that you know why your vape juice may suddenly change in terms of its flavor while you’re vaping, let’s discuss the ways to remedy this annoying situation.

Tip #1: Shake the Tank

If your e-liquid’s flavor formula has separated, simply give your vape tank a nice shake for about twenty seconds. This will help re-homogenize the formula so that all of the flavor notes are together rather than separate.

Tip #2: Replace Your Coil

If you suspect that this change in flavor is due to a dying coil, simply switch out the coil and put a new, properly primed one in its place. This will give you a fresher, more complex taste.

Tip #3: Dump, Clean and Refill

In the event that your tank still has residue from an old flavor, we recommend dumping the e-liquid that’s in your tank and cleaning each component of the tank thoroughly. Clean it using warm water or vodka. Once each component has dried, you can put the tank back together and refill it with fresh e- juice.

Tip #4: Wait it Out

If you think that this change in flavor is due to vaper’s tongue, simply wait a few hours and try vaping again.

What’s That Vape Flavor Like Now?

Yes, sometimes your e-juice’s flavor can change while you’re in the middle of a satisfying sub-ohm session. The good news is that often, this is easy to fix, and is rarely cause for alarm. Use this guide to diagnose and correct this change the next time it occurs.

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