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Noticing a Quick Change in That Salt-Based Nicotine E-Juice Flavor

Posted by David on

If you’ve ever noticed that while you are using your pod system, the flavor suddenly changes, you’re not going crazy. In fact, it’s fairly common for a salt-based nicotine e-juice flavor to suddenly change in the middle of a vaping session. There are actually many reasons why this may happen, and, fortunately, there are just as many ways that you can fix it.

Reasons Why Your Salt Nic Vape Juice’s Flavor May Suddenly Change

sudden changes in flavor can happen when you’re vaping a salt nic e-liquid. And as you will see, there are lots of factors that can contribute to this occurrence.

Here, we will be breaking down the main reasons why a sudden flavor change can occur, while also covering what you can do about it in order to continue enjoying that sensational e-liquid.

Reason #1: E-Juice Has Separated in the Bottle

One of the most common reasons why flavor can suddenly change is because of separation of ingredients in the bottle. As you know, vape juice is composed of many ingredients. Each ingredient has its own density. In fact, each individual flavoring ingredient has its own unique density. This means that separation can occur if a vape juice sits still for too long.

When separation happens, some flavors will sink to the bottom of the bottle while others float to the top, and some linger in the middle. Now, when you pour a separated e-liquid into your cartridge, you will get different layers of flavor throughout your vaping experience.

How to Fix the Problem

The good news is that this is a very easy fix. All that you have to do is make a point to shake your e-liquid bottle gently before pouring the vape juice into your cartridge. And, remember that separation can happen when e-liquid has been sitting in your cartridge for too long as well, so shake your pod system gently once each day if it takes you longer than a day to go through a full cartridge of e-liquid.

Reason #2: E-Juice Has Over-Oxidized

Another thing that can happen is over-oxidization. This occurs most often when an e-liquid is exposed to high heat or extremely bright light, or both. For instance, if you leave your cartridge outside on a hot, sunny day, it can over-oxidize.

What happens when vape juice over-oxidizes is certain molecules evaporate, meaning that you will end up with a different flavor.

How to Fix the Problem

In this case, it’s all about preventing over-oxidization from taking place, as once it has occurred, there’s no going back. Always store your e-liquid bottles in a cool, dark place, and do this with your vaping setup when it’s not in use as well. This will help preserve the composition of the flavor molecules in your vape juice.

Reason #3: You Have Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue is a relatively common occurrence that happens when you vape too frequently, or simply vape a very complex flavor profile. Basically, it’s what happens when your taste buds become exhausted due to sensory overload. When vaper’s tongue happens, you’ll likely not be able to taste your e-liquid at all.

How to Fix the Problem

When vaper’s tongue hits, take a break from vaping. Wait a few hours before resuming your session, and then you can decide whether or not vaper’s tongue was the culprit behind that sudden flavor change. Also, make sure that you don’t chain-vape, and you may want to consider going for simpler flavors.

Reason #4: You Didn’t Clean Your Cartridge Before Adding a New Flavor

The last problem, which is very common, is not cleaning out your cartridge between switching flavors. Each time you add a new flavor to your cartridge, you should thoroughly wash your cartridge out first. Otherwise, you may taste residue from the last flavor during your vaping session.

How to Fix the Problem

The next time you plan on pouring a new flavor into your cartridge, carefully rinse out the cartridge first. Then, you can simply add the new e-liquid.

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