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How to Savor Your New The Vape Mall E-Juice Flavor Even Longer

Posted by David on

Having a good and intense e-liquid flavor is something that a lot of vapers are on the lookout for these days. Not only do they want to be able to savor the taste, but they also want to be able to feel like they are actually having whatever the taste is. For example, if the flavor is apple, they want to feel like they are biting into a juicy apple every hit and not just tasting a hint of apple.

So, we’ll give you some easy tips on how to savor the taste of your e-juice, as well as how to make sure you get the most out of your experience regardless of what you're using.

Type of E-Juice Your Vaping With

The type of e-juice you are using in your vape will actually play a really big part on whether or not you're able to savor your flavor.

If you want a strong and delicious flavor, then you should go with a flavor that has a high propylene glycol (PG) content. The reason this is the best is because the PG itself has no flavor, so you'll be tasting straight e-juice.

On the other hand, je-liquids with a high vegetable glycerin (VG) content won't have as intense of a flavor because the VG itself has a slightly sweet taste. Meaning, the flavor will be a little harder to detect since you aren't tasting straight e-juice.

Another thing to be aware of when trying to get the best flavor, is that nicotine levels can affect the taste as well. Depending on the e-juice brand, a lower level might make the flavor more intense, while a different brand might be more intense with a higher nicotine level. Best way to figure it out is to buy different flavors from different brands and see which works best with both options.

Device Being Used

The next thing that can affect the flavor is the device being used.

  • 1.The first thing about tank type that effects flavor is the type of build. Usually, the coils you build yourself will give a better flavor since they are custom compared to a stock coil that you can't change.
  • 2.The next thing is airflow. A tank with less airflow will give you more flavor because less airflow will pull more of the e-juice into the wick, which gives you better flavor.
  • 3.The final thing that can affect the flavor is the temperature and wattage, because the hotter you get your coil, then the warmer the e-liquid will get. Basically, it will release more flavor than if the liquid were being vaped while cold.

How You Pull

The third thing that can affect your flavor intensity is how you pull on your vape. Some people will pull and exhale very quickly. If you do this, not only will you not get a good hit, but you also won't get too much flavor. Top way to ensure intense flavor is to pull on your vape slowly and hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds. This will help insure that the flavor pretty much coats your mouth and when you exhale, you will have a nice and strong flavor still sitting in there.

Style of Vaping

Your style of vaping can also affect how intense your flavor is. For starters, if you're all about cloud chasing, then your flavor experience won't be as intense as if you are just about flavor. The reason for this is because, to get nice big clouds, you have to get a juice that has a higher VG content. As we said above, juices with higher VG content make it harder to taste the actual flavor since it has a sweet taste of its own. If you aren't all about clouds, though, you should be getting nice and intense flavors.

Final Savoring Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few factors that go into savoring your The Vape Mall e-juice flavor. These tips are great for everyone, regardless of experience. The best thing you could do is to just experiment and see what settings give you the best flavor. There are always things you can to do to tweak your vaping experience and flavor chasing is no different!

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