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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Joyetech ProCore Air Atomizer 2ml/4.5ml

Posted by David on

Any experienced vaper knows that Joyetech delivers some of the most advanced vaping hardware that's out there. The Joyetech ProCore Air Atomizer 2ml/4.5ml is the latest addition to the brand's collection of high-quality sub-ohm tanks. This tank combines all the latest vaping technology to dramatically improve every aspect of your vaping experience. 

The Joyetech ProCore Air Atomizer 2ml/4.5ml is a durable and exceptional sub-ohm tank that will greatly improve the quality of every hit. This tank boasts an exceptionally stunning visual design and is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns. The cobra drip tip is a unique touch that's sure to grab attention.

If you're looking to chase massive, dense clouds, the ProCore Air Atomizer 2ml/4.5ml is for you. This tank can maximize vapor intake like nothing else that's out there right now. This is because of the ProCa coil system that heats your e-liquid to the perfect temperature without burning out.

Besides its ability to drastically increase the production of vapor, the ProCore Air Atomizer also improves the flavor of your e-juice. You'll be blown away by the rich and clean taste whenever you take a pull. This is partly because the coils don't gunk up after every vaping session.

Over-sized airflow slots sit at the base of the tank. This feature allows you to enjoy a wider variety of airflow options so that you can zero in on your sweet spot with more precision than ever before.

No tank is easier to refill than this one it seems. The push-to-fill system means that you don't have to unscrew your device throughout the day. The fill port is large enough to accommodate many different spout sizes so that you won't have to worry about making a mess everywhere. This tank is also known for its leak-proof design.

The Joyetech ProCore Air Atomizer 2ml/4.5ml is an impressive sub-ohm tank that improves everything from flavor to cloud production.

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