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Pros and Cons of Adjusting Your E-Liquid Flavors

Posted by David on

A lot of us are very particular when it comes to our e-liquids, and for good reason. A satisfying vape comes down to having the right flavor profile, the perfect level of sweetness, the ideal nicotine strength, and the VG/PG ratio that’s most compatible with our vaping setup. If any of these factors aren’t to our liking, our entire vaping session may suffer as a result.

Of course, you can search the internet for that ideal combination of preferences, but more and more vapers are taking matters into their own hands, either by adjusting their e-liquids on their own or having a company do it for them.

At The Vape Mall, we make the adjustments for you by allowing you to play around with various options at checkout. But some more ambitious vapers are actually buying their own ingredients and adjusting in their own home.

Adjusting Them Yourself, DIY Style

This involves buying bottles of liquid nicotine, flavoring agents, sweeteners, VG and PG, so that once you buy a bottled vape juice, you can add ingredients as needed to make it more to your liking.


#1:Might be more affordable, because wholesale ingredients are cheaper

#2: Gives you maximum control over your vapes by being able to make minute adjustments a little at a time until it’s just right


#1: If you’re not used to using vape juice ingredients, you may end up making a mistake that cannot be reversed, hence you’ll end up wasting vape juice

#2: Nicotine can be dangerous to handle

#3: This method requires storage space which you may or may not have

#4: Lots of low-quality ingredients exist on the market, and it’s hard to know which ones are made properly, and which are not

Adjusting Them Through The Vape Mall

The other option is to let us do the hard work for you. When you go to order a vape juice, you’ll see several dropdown menus which allow you to customize the e-liquid formula further if you wish. You can add more flavor, sourness, sweetness, menthol, and other ingredients, while also being able to adjust both your nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio to suit your needs.

Furthermore, we’ve made sure that you are able to customize your e-juice without spending a ton of extra money. A lot of companies charge way more for customized vapes, but our main priority is to serve our customers in a way that ensures maximum satisfaction, so we keep things as affordable as possible.

Once you select your desired adjustments, our team of expert flavor mixers gets hard to work developing the perfect formula based on their years of expertise in the vape juice business. This means that you can count on ending up with a vape that hits the spot according to your exact preferences, while having a perfectly balanced formula that can handle the nature of your vaping setup.


#1: You don’t have to do any of the work to end up with the exact vape formula that you desire

#2: Can adjust any aspect of your e-liquid that you’d like

#3: We are e-liquid experts who know exactly how to blend ingredients to produce the most satisfying end product

#4: Only top-quality ingredients, meaning, you can count on the resulting e-juice being up to your standards in terms of quality and flavor

#5: It takes zero time and effort on your end


#1: You might end up making choices that you’ll regret, such as adding sourness to a flavor that really shouldn’t be sour, adding more nicotine than your tolerance can handle, etc.

Enjoy Those E-Liquids Your Way!

There is nothing wrong with making some adjustments to your e-juice, as long as you go about it in the proper way. We recommend allowing The Vape Mall to make your adjustments for you, as we have years of experience, and only the most high-quality ingredients available.

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